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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #84

October 20, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Google Gives Virgin Free WiFi
Frank Reed says:

Virgin America LogoOk, that headline was completely unfair because this post is about WiFi access on Virgin America flights that is being provided by Google. Got your attention though didn’t it? For a moment maybe you thought that Google had really taken this ‘providing service to everyone and type of person on the planet’ to a disturbing level. Maybe you just think I’m an idiot for using the headlin

Adrian Key says: There has been a small crises in the AdWords world recently with users complaining about “Low Share of Voice” error messages in their campaigns. In this article, we separate truth from fiction by, defining what “Low Share of Voice” really means, discussing the real impact that it has on your AdWords campaigns and telling you how to get your account running smoothly again.
Twitter Lists Now Available in Beta
Brian Solis says:

Last week, while attending Blogworld Expo, I logged into Twitter to catch up on a few DMs. Upon login, I noticed that something was just a bit different. My home page featured a sizable banner that announced the “beta” release of lists.  While I knew the release ofTwitter listswas imminent, I didn’t expect it so quickly.

Essentially, waves of people are receiving access to lists, offerin

Anti-Dobbs Ad Money Raised Online Won’t Go to CNN says:

ClickZ News - Politics & AdvocacyLast month, Ireportedon a campaign targeting Capitol Hill staffers, CNN employees, and staff members of other media companies on Facebook. An immigration advocacy group called America’s Voices aimed to vilify CNN host Lou Dobbs. People listed on Facebook as employees of media firms including CNN, The New York Times, Politico, and AOL were served ads featuring images of the CNN anchor accompanied b

Google to Offer Branded Android Phone?
Frank Reed says:

Android BlueWhile Apple is making waves about the latest and greatest gadgets they are rolling out to the waiting public Google has made a little announcement of its own: It’s a phone!The word on TheStreet.comis that Google is planning on entering the hardware arena with the new Android offerings. It seems as if the expansion / experimentation of Google isn’t likely to end any time soon is it? Beore we go

Neil Stafford says: Most of my business is web-based, but I use all and every marketing technique that can boost my sales. Offline and online together gives you a good mix of marketing processes to use if one or other slows down or stops completely. These are 7 offline ways I use to drive visitors to my website and they should be part of your marketing strategy too.
Building vision through influencer ecosystems
Barbara French says:

Britton Manasco sparked an interesting discussion over the weekend on PR, influencers and the caliber of a client’s vision messaging. Britton’stake:

PR firms, too often, are letting their executive clients down. They are encouraging them to stroll out in the public square unclothed and unprepared. Result? Their clients are exposed as leaders without vision… It seems to me that too few have th

Google Acquisitions Likely to Target Mobile, Display Ads says:

Google Acquisitions Expected To Target Mobile, Display AdsAnalysts believe revenue-generating companies are most likely targets. (Investor’s Business Daily)

Twitter is Launching Its Own ‘Fledgling’ Wine Label(SF Weekly)

Cool Ad: “Dead Space” Roadblock Execution on Blog)

TV Industry Seeks Game Plan for Twitter(LA Times)

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