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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #77

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Yahoo Settles Class Action Lawsuit; Attorneys Walk Away with $4.3 Million!
Andy Beal says:

If there’s one solid truth about class action lawsuits, it’s this: only the attorneys win.

That truth has held outoverandoveragain, especially when it comes to any kind of class action against a search engine. Adding to the list, Yahoo hassettleda 2006 lawsuit that claimed it allowed advertisers’ ads to be displayed on a whole host of undesirable web sites:

…Yahoo! breached i


Jeff Schechter says: Shecky discusses losing his Face book account, Facebooks terms of service, and how to get your facebook account back.
Defining Cloud Computing for Business Users
Ismael Ghalimi says:

Like any newITtrend, Cloud Computing gets its fair share of hype, and with it comes a multitude of vendors that use the terms in ways it was never intended for, therefore making it devoid of any sense. When pushed to the extreme, a simple server connected to a network seems to qualify as a cloud, thereby allowing pundits such as Larry Ellison toderidethe concept to no end. Yet Cloud Computing is m

What To Do When Your Site Drops
Dave Davies says:

It’s happened to all of us. You wake up one morning feeling like a million bucks, you stretch and if you’re like me, you notice the eye-rolling as once again your significant other catches you with a toothbrush dangling from your mouth and a laptop or iPhone in front of you while you check rankings and emails. And then it happens – you start your browser with a search phrase already set to display

Yahoo Now Filters Ads in Search Results Too says:

Last month, Yahoo debuted itsnew search results pages, which among other things allow a user to filter organic search results by site. Today, Yahoo added the ability for a publisher’s ads to be filtered as well.

It’s being touted as a benefit to users, but not all advertisers will be happy about the move.

Beginning today, if a user elects to filter results by a site, and that site is also an adverti

Do You Have Malware or Just Crappy Code? Google Will Tell You
Andy Beal says:

Nothing will scare a web site marketer more than either of these two situations:

1. Google flagging your site: “This site may harm your computer”

2. Seeing exactly how your site looks to Google’s spider

Well, Google hasannouncedtwo new Webmaster Tools Labs features that help with either of these scenarios. First, Google will provide snippets of code that exist on some of your pages th


Tinu AbayomiPaul says: If you want to get explosive results from social media, one thing you’ll have to lean heavily on is your ability to be a team player. You see, one of the top reasons why people do things for you – things like submitting your site to a social bookmarking site – is because they feel you’ve added value to their lives.
Recurring Tweets On Twitter Accounts Are Being Discontinued
Michael Gass says:

On Monday, October 12th, 2009, Twitter communicated that recurring tweets are in violation of their Terms of Service. Twitter’s rationale centered around the potential for recurring tweets to result in duplicate tweets.

From Twitter … Recurring Tweets are a violation no matter how they are done, including whether or not someone pays you to have a special privilege. We don’t want to see any du


Yes, Your Company Really Does Need A Blog
Matt Tuens says:

The term has become so common that most people don’t know that “blog” is a condensed version of “weblog.” It is not a new form of communication, by any means. People have been blogging since man began painting on cave walls, really; it’s just that the tools have changed and the definitions of writing styles have evolved a bit (but just a bit). When the Internet

YouTube to Partner with U.K.’s Channel 4 for long-form Video? says:

clickz_ukandeu.gifYouTube is close to agreeing to a landmark deal with U.K. broadcaster Channel 4, according to a report from the Telegraph. The partnership would see Channel 4 itself selling ad inventory around its long-form content, splitting a portion of that revenue with the Google-owned video site,the Telegraph says.

A Google spokesperson told me today the firm “does not comment on speculation,” but Google and

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