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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #73

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Free PDF: 30 Reputations You Should Be Monitoring Online
Andy Beal says:

If you’re one of those people that won’t set up any online reputation monitoring because “you don’t have anything to monitor,” I have a wake-up call for you.

Over at Trackur, we just put together afree list of 30 reputations everyone should be monitoring online.

Thirty! Three, zero! 30!

Honestly, whether you useTrackuror not–which you should by the way–you sh

Lani and Allen Voivod says: Historically speaking, there used to be an idea that certain kinds of marketing tactics were reserved for certain kinds of businesses and brands. You might have expected a circus company to stage a big to-do in Times Square, for example, but not a home appliance company.
Consumers Need to Hear About You via Social Media… then they’ll search for your brand
dirkthecow says:

Despite various stats that cast doubts on theeffectiveness of online advertisingin general, the one area that is generally held to be a success is paid for search. New research by Comscore and GroupM (viaMarketing Charts) now shows that if consumers have had exposure to brands via social media, they are more likely to be receptive to search terms related to brands.

Comscore’s results show that cons

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The Google Shuffle?
Jonathan Anthony and Kyle Krenbrink says:

Has your website recently sunk to “Davy Google Jones Jr’s Locker”?

Webmasters and SEO gurus have been scratching our heads for a few weeks now trying to figure out what has been happening to Google’s SERP rankings. After scouring blogs and forums for the last few days, it would seem that there is no real consensus. In fact, it seems that no one is willing to even speculate much as to what

Burst Media Buys Giant Realm says:

A few stories ClickZ’s editors are reading:

Burst Media Buys Giant RealmAcquisition is all about the young guys. Giant Realm represents ads for a stable of gaming, comics, and fanboy sites.

Twitter in Talks With Google and MicrosoftMay license feeds to search giants. (AllThingsD)

You Better Have Devs in Your Creative Department(Mele’s Musings)

YouTube Now Serving 1 Billion Spam Videos Per Day!
Andy Beal says:

Congratulations YouTube!

The video site is celebrating over 1 billion views per day and the 3 year anniversary of being acquired by Google with…some nasty spam videos.

No, this just in. YouTube is celebrating with a new logo. The spam is something it doesn’t actually have any control over–and that’s going to be a big problem.

RWW isreportingan uptick in spammy videos posted to


Jerry Bader says: Everyone wants to do more business. Everyone occasionally runs a promotion, a new marketing initiative, a product launch, or a new seasonal lineup. Everyone has a website stuffed with all kinds of content ranging from the important to the useless. But only the truly smart business minds understand that campaigns require their own space and identity if they are to succeed. And when it comes to usin
Fatfoogoo’ The 10 Fastest Growing European Countries on Facebook
Laurent Francois says:
source:Insider Facebook

Turkey is definitely to be followed as 1 more million of Turkish people joined Facebook in less than 9 months

Critical mass + literacy: 2 strong assets to be an important demographic online.

More info here onengagement of Turkish web users.

Link to original post

What To Do When Your Site Drops
Dave Davies says:

It’s happened to all of us. You wake up one morning feeling like a million bucks, you stretch and if you’re like me, you notice the eye-rolling as once again your significant other catches you with a toothbrush dangling from your mouth and a laptop or iPhone in front of you while you check rankings and emails. And then it happens – you start your browser with a search phrase already set to display

YouTube Now a True Leviathan of Video, Cracks a Billion Views a Day says:

yt-1b.pngWe don’t usually cover traffic milestones here at ClickZ, but this one deserves a mention.

Three years to the day after Google bought YouTube, the video giant is routinely serving more than a billion video views per day. In fact, it’s so happy at about the accomplishment that it’s updated its logo. There’s more over at theofficial YouTube blog.

Meanwhile, new insight has emerged into what motivated

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