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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #65

October 1, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Google Mobile…Now Has Everything, Including the Kitchen Sync
Andy Beal says:

Google knows that more and more of our searching is carried out away from our main computers, and it doesn’t want to risk you using some other mobile search interface–hence the rollout of some new synching features.

First up, we learn that Google’s Personalized Suggest feature hasgone mobile. If you’re signed into your Google account and use to search for ingredie

Malcolm Leyshon says: This article looks at four steps that you need to implement to avoid the Google slap, keep your cost per click within reasonable limits and improve your click through and conversion rates.
Daily Telegraph asks Headshift: Is London World social media capital?
headshift says: dailytelegraphrobinsocnetwork.jpgLondon is, suggests an article by the Telegraph’s Emma Barnett,the social media capital of the World. Here’s her evidence:

  • 10% of traffic to Digg, the link recommendation service, comes from London
  • London is the largest geographical network on Facebook
  • Twitter has revealed that London is it’s top city in terms of usage

Some twitter users, such as Newcastle based Stephen Davies (@stedavies), have argue

Omnicom Creates Unit to Oversee Digital says:

A couple stories ClickZ’s editors are reading:

Omnicom Forms Unit to Oversee Digital Operations(WSJ)

GE said to entertain offers for NBC

GM, eBay End Online Sales Effort(WSJ)

The Google Shuffle?
Jonathan Anthony and Kyle Krenbrink says:

Has your website recently sunk to “Davy Google Jones Jr’s Locker”?

Webmasters and SEO gurus have been scratching our heads for a few weeks now trying to figure out what has been happening to Google’s SERP rankings. After scouring blogs and forums for the last few days, it would seem that there is no real consensus. In fact, it seems that no one is willing to even speculate much as to what

Grab the Shoehorn! Google Adds Forum Posts to Crowded Search Results
Andy Beal says:

Give it another couple of years and no one will remember the phrase “ten blue links”–especially if Google has its way.

The Google search results page is already looking cluttered these days–box results, news item, videos, book results, profiles–now Google wants toadd deep links to forum poststo the crowded mix.

This new addition to Google search results applies to sites t

Jeremy Gislason says: Starting a membership site is not as difficult as it may sound. With the tools available to us today, it can be a very easy process. This article shows the 5 simple steps to make money from a membership site.
Chinese Design’s Slow Ascent
Stephen Tompkins says:


A couple weeks ago, I read Bruce Nussbaum’sblogon the growing gap in China between Chinese designers and Western designers. I found it to be a really fascinating look into China’s economy for a number of reasons. For years, they have primarly relied on cutting cost and driving efficiencies to become the Global Supply Headquarters. Now that many other countries have begun to catch up to the Chi

Great Ad: Apple Assaults says:

Apple Takeover of Wired.comfromIan SchaferonVimeo.

Apple continues to be the gold standard in rich online advertising. Best known for its takeovers of The New York Times and WSJ, the company’s high production value display ads (No, that’s not an oxymoron) for Mac, iPod and iPhone have appeared on a slew of other properties. The above ad on Wired gives interruptiveness a new name. Industry take note

What To Do When Your Site Drops
Dave Davies says:

It’s happened to all of us. You wake up one morning feeling like a million bucks, you stretch and if you’re like me, you notice the eye-rolling as once again your significant other catches you with a toothbrush dangling from your mouth and a laptop or iPhone in front of you while you check rankings and emails. And then it happens – you start your browser with a search phrase already set to display

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