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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #617

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Tradition Marries Technology – Smart Phones in India
akshaybk says: At work and unable to know if the moon was out and my mother had broken her fast, the usual responsibility of finding out the direction and location where the moon would make its presence was a little easier this time around. The application – Google Sky Map installed on my phone made way for all the excitement to be narrowed and the curiosity to be put to rest with the Moon showing itself up in t
Rise in Mobile Spurs Growth in Search Marketing
Cynthia Boris says:

When asked which trend has had the biggest impact on search marketing, 40% of business surveyed said it was the rise in mobile internet usage. Following closely behind that was the personalization of search results and behavioral targeting.

New tools aplenty, and yet 95% of the search marketing dollars are still being spent with our old friend Adwords. The Bing / Yahoo combo got 70% of the vote and

Tim Berners-Lee Believes Web Access is a Human Right
John Vinson says:

Tim Berners-Lee, the man attributed to the creation of the internet, gave a speech at an MIT symposium and shared his two decades worth of internet knowledge with the crowd. He spoke about a wide variety of issues, from net neutrality, which he is supportive of, to mobile web access.

Berners-Lee’s words concerning web accessraised a couple of eyebrows, and definitely raised the interest of th

Another Privacy Bill Mimics 2005 Legislation
Kate Kaye says:

The bill uses as a template another from March 2005, when conversations about web privacy focused on seals and privacy policies.

How to Keep a Webinar Audience Engaged
LindiweCoyne says: There are a million things distracting webinar attendees, so what can you do to keep your audience engaged? We at WebinarListings are lucky to be connected to some of the best webinar producers in the field, and we asked these webinar experts what they believe is integral to audience engagement.
Under 1 Percent of Web Visits Comes from Social Media
Cynthia Boris says:

What are you hoping to gain out of your social media efforts? If it’s a rise in traffic to your website, you better come up with a new plan.

According to anew report from ForeSee Results,fewer than 1% of website visits came directly from a social media URL.

Their report also says that 18% of site visitors reported being influenced by social media, which would mean that 17% of those folks visit

iPads to Kindergartners
Josh Wolford says:

When I was in Kindergarten, all I had were puzzles and watercolors. Kindergartners in Auburn, Maine will have access to thousands of apps in the App Store.

Auburn Maine, a town of 24,000 is set to provide all of its Kindergartners with iPads in an effort to link education and technology for the very young. The town’s school board voted unanimously to provide 285 students with iPads by next fa

Apple Adds Do-Not-Track to Safari Browser
Jack Marshall says:

The introduction leaves Google’s Chrome as the only major browser without a do-not-track mechanism.

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