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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #616

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Tagging 101
Ballywho says: Wait! Don’t push that publish button without tagging! Properly manicuring and setting up your blog posts can help you win the race to the top of the Google search list. I know what you’re thinking: tags, categories, social bookmarks… it’s all a blur and can be confusing to figure out what should be a category and what should be a tag but hopefully this post will help.
Email Subscribers ‘Can’t Wait’ to Open Deal Newsletters
Cynthia Boris says:

I subscribe to a lot of email newsletters and there are several that I would greatly miss if I stopped receiving them. But I can’t think of one missive that I receive on a regular basis that I would say I “can’t wait” to open.

This is not the case with your average bargain shopper. According to areport compiled by eMarketer,more than half the people who subscribe to deal new

Winklevoss Tweets About Zuckerberg Email
Chris Crum says:

Tyler Winklevoss, half of the Winklevoss twins, which have been in an ongoing legal battle with Facebook, posted a snarky tweet today, after news came out ofPaul Ceglia suing Facebook and revealing alleged email exchangeshe shared with Zuckerberg.

One of the alleged emails from Zuckerberg to Ceglia reads:

I have recently met with a couple of upperclassmen here at Harvard that are planning to launch

Winklevoss Does the Hashtag

Kerry and McCain Bill Signals Privacy Law Momentum
Kate Kaye says:

The bipartisan Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights would give the FTC enforcement power over data privacy requirements.

Analysis of Social Media Marketing Examples
RalphPaglia says: Eyal Sela took a look at our community's wiki of social media marketing examples, which is now up to 968 entries. Here's what he found…(click on either image for a larger view)
The Majority Rules: QR Codes Are Memorable
Cynthia Boris says:

If you believe the results of arecent survey by MGH,QR codes are making an impact on mobile users. Their new study says that “72% of smartphone users would be likely to recall an ad featuring a QR code.”

Nice results, but I’m not sure they asked the right question. It’s kind of like asking, “if you saw a pink elephant walk down the street, would you remember?” Ok

Google Docs Adds Pagination
Doug Caverly says:

Talk to any college students for very long, and you may find that page numbers rule their lives.  They’ll celebrate receiving a measly half-page assignment, for example, or freak out over a 40-page paper that’s due all too soon.  So now, perhaps after discovering that fact, Google Docs has introduced a familiar feature related to page breaks.

A post on theGoogle Docs Blogannounced thi

Facebook Advertisers Pony Up Prize Money
Christopher Heine says:

Brands increasingly offer cash giveaways as a means to boost “likes.” Expedia, JC Penney, Super 8, and Excedrin are the latest examples.

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