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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #612

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The Blurred Line Between Link Building and Relationship Building
bytesize says: Can you have an absurd amount of links to your blog and no loyal readers? Yep. This may be your first indication that you are spending too much time link baiting and manipulating or buying links that have no value beyond getting someone to press their index finger on the mouse.
Coca-Cola VP Talks About the Keys to Social Media Success
Cynthia Boris says:

“The days of controlling the message are absolutely over. At best you’ll be invited in and you’ll get to co-create and participate with consumers.”

Wendy Clark, senior VP-integrated marketing communications and capabilities at theCoca-Cola Co., gave a presentation at the AdAge Digital Conference where she talked about how social media has completely changed the game for marketers. Though s

New Era Takes Red Sox/Yankees Rivalry To Facebook
Chris Richardson says:

As more and more companies feel secure diverting traffic from their .com site to Facebook as means of promotion, we’ll see more stuff like this latest offering from New Era. Making use of John Krasinski and all-of-a-sudden prominent Alec Baldwin, New Era is using the passion related to the New York Yankees/Boston Red Sox rivalry, as well the familiar faces from two popular NBC sitcoms, to pr

New Era

Execs & Accounts: R/GA Hires in SF, La Comunidad Wins Original Penguin
Amara Mastronardi says:

R/GA San Francisco names executive creative directors; Perry Ellis appoints La Comunidad for Original Penguin by Munsingwear.

Anatomy of a Shared Link on Facebook
mattsullivan says: How to use Facebook's Open Graph protocol to increase click-throughs when your links are shared to Facebook. This “real estate” is extremely valuable and optimizing it can mean the difference between a few clicks and a few hundred.
Forrester Says Facebook and eCommerce Don’t Mix
Cynthia Boris says:

Forrester Research just released a new report called“Will Facebook Ever Drive eCommerce?”and the folks at the Wall Street Journal have given us a sneak peek.

The report basically states that right now Facebook is not at all effective for driving eCommerce sales.

The study found that the average Facebook metrics are a 1% click-through rate and a 2% conversion rate. E-mail marketing, by compar

Users Don’t “Like” Latest Facebook for iPhone Update
Jeremy Muncy says:

Earlier this week Facebook releasedversion 3.4 of their iPhone app. Hidden amongst the “advertised” additions are a few smaller changes, bugs, and oddities that are leaving some users perplexed on why they upgraded. Some iPhone owners are starting too ask if they canrevert backto an older version, but don’t get your hopes up.

Have you noticed anything with the recent update to Fac

Facebook for iPhone - Just Now!

Facebook for iPhone - Likes & Comment location

Comment & Like Comparison

Facebook for iPhone users want their Farmville updates!

Eleven Links Facebook to for Callaway Golf
Susan Kuchinskas says:

As Masters Tournament kicks off, ESPN site visitors are invited to complete ad copy for venerable golf brand.

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