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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #610

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Why Your Employees Should Be on Social Media Sites
Ballywho says: If you’re like many business owners or managers, you may hesitate to allow your employees to participate on social media sites. What if they spend hours on Facebook instead of working?And what if they say bad things about the company? Find out how your employees can be your biggest assets if you stick to a few guidelines.
Can’t Get Enough Ads? There’s an App for That
Cynthia Boris says:

You know how people are always saying, “I wish there was a way to view only ads without that pesky content getting in the way?”

Okay, no one says that, but you have to admit that advertising is sometimes the most interesting and creative thing on the page. Not here at Marketing Pilgrim, certainly, but other places. That’s why Apple has released the new iAd Gallery App.

With the iAd

MerchantCircle Goes From Panda Victim to Blekko Curator
Chris Crum says:

Interesting news fromBlekkotoday. The alternative search engine, focused on weeding out spam from search, has partnered with one of the top sites impacted by Google’s Panda update – MerchantCircle.

MerchantCircleis a small business community site with 1.6 million members. It’s actually touted as “the largest online network of local business owners in the nation.”


Cross Promotions a Theme in Twitter Promo Trends
Kate Kaye says:

Tech and telecom brands accounted for 39 percent of the Promoted Trends in March.

Three Key Ways Brands Can Manage Risk in Social Media
George Guildford says: Due to the sheer growth in conversations and user-generated content, by its very nature social media leaves brands and users open to a number of risks as well as opportunities. As a result, the need to be proactive, identify possible risks ahead of time and develop an appropriate social media monitoring platform and process is key.
Macquarie Predicts Solid Growth for Display Ads
Cynthia Boris says:

Macquarie Capital has just published theirAd Tracker report for 1Q 2011and believe it or not, it’s AOL that came out on top.

Twice per quarter, the company analyzes display advertising sales on the homepages of YAHOO, AOL, YouTube, and MSN. Looking at the data from the first quarter of 2011, AOL won the award for the most improved player.

The company had the highest proportion of Oversized/Cus

Google Code Jam Registration Window Opens
Doug Caverly says:

Any programmers who would enjoy winning $10,000, the title “Code Jam Champion,” and – maybe – a job offer from Google should get moving.  Today, the registration window for Google Code Jam 2011 opened.

To go ahead and provide interested parties with the complete schedule: registration starts today, a 24-hour qualification round will take place starting May 6th, and successi

Twitter Debuts ‘Follower Dashboard,’ Opens Geotargeting Spigot
Christopher Heine says:

New insights into follower demographics and actions.

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