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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #601

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The TV – Twitter Connection
Cynthia Boris says:

I watch a lot of television and I follow a lot of people on Twitter who also watch a lot of television. Before I had an iPhone, though, I couldn’t understand how people could send out twenty tweets a night commenting on TV shows as they aired. Then I got an iPhone and it all became clear.

With an iPhone, it’s so easy to share important thoughts with the world like, “What’s u

Cheezburger Network Acquires “Know Your Meme”
Josh Wolford says:


Okay, that was fun.  But if you think there is no money to be found in aggregating all that is trending on the internet, you would be wrong.  Today, was acquired by Cheezburger Network for a seven figure sum, according totubefilter news.

Cheezburger Network owns a multitude of popular meme sites, including its flagshipicanhascheezburger.comwhich is colloq

Mark Hunter says: We’ve all been there. After countless calls, meetings and an endless amount of work, you just can’t get the customer to say “yes” and move forward. There can be hundreds of theories and ideas as to why this happens more times than we care to admit. Let’s put all the theories aside and get to a solution you can use right now to determine if the customer is serious.
Local Power: How Facebook and Twitter can Help Attract Local Customers to Your Business Event
ahrenfelt says: When working with Social Media, geography will become more important to take into consideration. This is especially true when promoting events. Let’s imagine for a moment that your PR agency needs to promote an event via social media. How do you go about it? What are the most effective tactics? What should you avoid?
GroupMe Buzz Turns to Biz: MTV, Oxygen Sign Partnerships
Christopher Heine says:

SXSWi darling unveils “Featured Groups” for marketers in its initial monetization step.

Do Personal Tweets Make You More Credible?
Cynthia Boris says:

Do you mix business with pleasure – on social media, that is? A blogger at Ars Technica has justposted about a studythat examines the relationship between professors who Tweet and their students.

The study had students follow a specially designed Twitter feed that was supposedly written by one of their professors. One group got only school-related Tweets, one got only personal Tweets and the

Google Summer Of Code Applications Sought
Doug Caverly says:

College students with programming skills should start thinking about whether taking a long break or slaving away at a retail store is really the best way to spend this summer.  A certain search giant announced today that it’s now accepting applications for the 2011 Google Summer of Code.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a post on theGoogle Open Source Blogexplained, “Goog

Lynne Saarte says: When you are launching a new product or service, what you want is for people to start talking about it. The more buzz you generate, the better it becomes because it stirs up interest. The way to a buzz campaign is to leap out of your box and get uniquely crazy with your campaign…
The Top List of Marketing Blog Top Lists
JeffMajka says: Looking for a handy guide of the top marketing blogs…but don't want to search yourself? Well, here you go… all the top lists…of marketing blog top lists! [SMT Editor could not resist publishing this just for the title. – ed]
Kraft to Put Tweet in TV Ad Tonight
Christopher Heine says:

CPG giant focuses on Twitter to promote “Macaroni & Cheese” brand.

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