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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #582

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Foursquare 3.0 Has Something “Special” for Merchants
Cynthia Boris says:

Foursquare has just announced an upgrade that puts the power of perks into the merchant’s hands. With Foursquare 3.0, merchants will be able to run a variety of specials at the same time, each designed to capitalize on a different kind of customer. Best of all, Foursquare has already done the ground work, so it’s pretty much follow the steps, click the buttons and go.

With the new syste

Don’t Be Bullied by the Google Sandbox
delonibalusi says: People are too obsessive about finding the perfect SEO strategy. They are so paranoid that if they do something wrong, all their hard work will be undone. The truth is that we have no idea how Google ranks sites in its index. We need to put aside any gossip we hear and simply work hard at coming up with a great site that people are going to want to visit. Don’t let the Google Sandbox intimidate
Richest Man in the World: Carlos Slim, According to Forbes List
Chris Crum says:

Forbes has released its annual Billionaires list. Carlos Slim Helú (and family) made the top of the list. Forbesreports:

Atop the heap is Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helu, who added $20.5 billion to his fortune, more than any other billionaire. The telecom mogul, who gets 62% of his fortune from America Movil , is now worth $74 billion and has pulled far ahead of his two closest rivals. Bill Gates,

DoubleClick and Google Vets Launch Groupon Cloning Platform
Christopher Heine says:

White label offering for group buying services underscores rising fragmentation in the niche.

Mark Hunter says: We’ve all been there. After countless calls, meetings and an endless amount of work, you just can’t get the customer to say “yes” and move forward. There can be hundreds of theories and ideas as to why this happens more times than we care to admit. Let’s put all the theories aside and get to a solution you can use right now to determine if the customer is serious.
Advertising Comes to Skype
Cynthia Boris says:

Put this one in the “surprised it hasn’t happened before now column,” Skype will start showing ads on their desktop application beginning this week.

Skype says that the 650 x 170 pixel ads will run only on the profile home page but given that they added an enormous, useless box to the top of their chat screens, it’s likely that this will soon be ad space, too.

Despite the amo

2 Tips for Smart Cost Management: Brand Promotion on Facebook
UrsEGattiker says: Two weeks ago we launched the ComMetrics social media cost classification model (see also 2011 trends: The social media cost-benefit pyramid). Previous posts have addressed the social business maturity model, how to achieve better cost management – particularly while maintaining a high-quality Facebook page, and setting up a Facebook fanpage. Finally, we also outlined how to achieve better cost
Google Maps Highlights EV Charging Stations
Doug Caverly says:

The beauty of an electric car is, of course, that it doesn’t need gas. Yet a major downside is that gas stations are plentiful, while charging stations are rare. So a certain search giant intends to help EV owners by identifying charging stations on Google Maps.

Cynthia Yeung, a member of Google’s Strategic Partner Development Team, explained on theLatLong Blog, “As consumers embr

Facebook’s Ad Platform Test: No Keywords Allowed
Christopher Heine says:

Industry blog posts suggest that specific profile targeting may be getting phased out.

Lynne Saarte says: When you are launching a new product or service, what you want is for people to start talking about it. The more buzz you generate, the better it becomes because it stirs up interest. The way to a buzz campaign is to leap out of your box and get uniquely crazy with your campaign…

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