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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #580

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Simon & Schuster Turns to Webcam Videos to Connect Authors and Readers
Cynthia Boris says:

If you could ask your favorite author anything, what would you ask? Would it be a question about how to become a best selling author? A query about the motivations of a character or something more personal like, what would you do if you found out your date had false teeth?

No question is off limits on Simon & Schuster’s Ask the Author page, but just cause you can ask, doesn’t mean y

Making Twitter More Useful For You
askaaronlee says: Twitter is a great source for people, you wouldn’t use Twitter to its potential if you don’t plan to engage with anyone or meet new people. Twitter took away the relationship boundaries and gave us a big opportunity to market ourselves internationally.
Facebook Partners With Suicide Prevention Group Samaritans
Doug Caverly says:

Depressed and suicidal people living in the UK and Ireland may now, thanks in part to Facebook, be more likely to receive some help.  Facebook’s partnered with a suicide prevention group called Samaritans so that users who see ominous content will know to report it to the organization.

The screenshot below shows how this arrangement works.  Facebook’s approach isn’t exactly the

Skype Targets Major Brands With Launch of In-App Ads
Jack Marshall says:

VoIP firm hopes to capitalize on high user engagement rates with premium rich media executions.

Mark Hunter says: We’ve all been there. After countless calls, meetings and an endless amount of work, you just can’t get the customer to say “yes” and move forward. There can be hundreds of theories and ideas as to why this happens more times than we care to admit. Let’s put all the theories aside and get to a solution you can use right now to determine if the customer is serious.
Twitter’s New Quickbar Promotes Trends Over Tweets
Cynthia Boris says:

Twitter’s new iPhone update is all about helping you Tweet faster and easier, but like everything in life, it has a downside. In this case, it’s an overlay with the latest Trends that resides at the top of your timeline and it can’t be removed.

If you’re interesting in going along with the majority, or you’re an online writer looking to capitalize on some SEO, then the

Facebook Wants to be the Barrel — and We’re the Fish
DennisMcDonald says: Advertisers have lusted after the ability to fine-tune advertising messages since before I was born. Along comes Facebook with its offer of access to personal and social information. It’s no surprise that many advertisers bypass the “community” nature of social media and social networking technologies.
Charlie Sheen: Crazy, Savvy, or Both?
John Vinson says:

So the consensus from everyone, including people in Hollywood and regular folks, is Charlie Sheen hasgone around the bend. However, the more I take in the Charlie Sheen social media experience, I’m beginning to think there’s some savvy to go along with the insanity.

If anything can be a commodity, why not craziness? Also, what better way to market your shenanigans than posting it on Twi

Charlie Sheen’s First Twitter Sponsor:
Christopher Heine says: says promotional tweet garnered 100,000 clicks in 75 minutes.

Lynne Saarte says: When you are launching a new product or service, what you want is for people to start talking about it. The more buzz you generate, the better it becomes because it stirs up interest. The way to a buzz campaign is to leap out of your box and get uniquely crazy with your campaign…

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