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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #56

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Newspaper Publishers Half Way Sure About Paid Content Success
Frank Reed says:

Pay for ContentSo the big guys likeRupert MurdochandBarry Dillerhave already told us that paid content for newspapers is the wave of the future. Of course, when these two titans of the media world say jump the rest of us mere mortals are supposed to enthusiastically yell “How high?!” While, these guys have been right more often than not the rest of their industry peers aren’t so sure about paid content bei

Meredith Liepelt says: Everyone these days is using social media, the question is; “Is It Worth It?” Networking, when done online or offline is worth it. In this article you will visit five key reasons to take the time to learn the benefits of social media. Social media is the wave of the future so if you want to make it a goal for 2009 to reach more potential clients nationally, internationally, or even globa
Brands Show Off Their Social Side at IAB’s MIXX says:

The Bank of America has turned to Twitter as a channel for customer care.

Betty Crocker’s marketing team worked with, a social network for moms and moms-to-be, to help moms plan birthday parties for children ages 3 to 12.

And Cheetos and its creative agency, Goodby Silverstein & Partners collaborated with Federated Mediatodevelop a sponsorship programcalled Cheetos Boredom Busters.

The in

The Google Shuffle?
Jonathan Anthony and Kyle Krenbrink says:

Has your website recently sunk to “Davy Google Jones Jr’s Locker”?

Webmasters and SEO gurus have been scratching our heads for a few weeks now trying to figure out what has been happening to Google’s SERP rankings. After scouring blogs and forums for the last few days, it would seem that there is no real consensus. In fact, it seems that no one is willing to even speculate much as to what

The Battle to Align PR and Interactive Marketing
Dan Greenfield says:


Interactive Marketing and PR:  Star Trekprovides a good visual

Today I continue a recentdiscussionabout the challenges in aligning PR and interactive marketing. The battle lines are drawn with the two sides competing for the hearts and minds of clients.

Consider these two quotes:

The first is from JonathanKopp, Global Director,Ketchum Digital.

PR firms are poised to lead the way in soci

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Don’t Take Facebook’s Word for It, Let Nielsen Help
Frank Reed says:

Facebook IconFacebook is taking steps to help advertisers understand just how valuable advertising on Facebook can be. While there has been some discontent in the advertising community re: Facebook’s effectiveness as an advertising vehicle theWall Street Journaltells of the new alliance Facebook has with Nielsen. Under the partnership, Facebook will begin polling its users about some of the display ads it ru

Jeremy Gislason says: Twitter is an excellent source of revenue in many ways, as long as you put a little effort in the venture you are undertaking and use some of your own creativity. This article discusses how Twitter works, increase your followers, and explode your profits with Twitter.
Mad Avenue Blues says:

If you didn’t catch “Mad Avenue Blues” on YouTube when it first appeared a few months ago, it’s still worth checking out.

The slideshow, set to the tune of the 1971 song, “American Pie,” won over the crowd at the OMMA conference today. It’s the work of Terence Kawaja, managing director at GCA Savvian.

So bye, bye those big upfront buys…

What To Do When Your Site Drops
Dave Davies says:

It’s happened to all of us. You wake up one morning feeling like a million bucks, you stretch and if you’re like me, you notice the eye-rolling as once again your significant other catches you with a toothbrush dangling from your mouth and a laptop or iPhone in front of you while you check rankings and emails. And then it happens – you start your browser with a search phrase already set to display

Is Social Media Transformational? Thoughts from UGA Connect 2009
Dan Greenfield says:


connect1Is social media transformational?  That was the topic of my panel discussion this past weekend at University of Georgia’s Connect 2009: Integrating Social Media and Traditional PR.

I was joined by Aaron De Luciasenior vice president of Porter Novelli, Austin and Melanie James– University of Newcastle (Australia) who  joined via Skype from her home.

And thanks toProf


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