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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #447

October 23, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Coke Shuffles Marketing Org to Reflect Changing Landscape
Frank Reed says:

How does a company become one of the most recognized and respected brands on the planet? In the case of Coke (get it, case of Coke?) it’s comes from the benefit of a lot of years of being at it (over 100) making changes along the way (sometimes failing miserably like the New Coke debacle) and adjusting to the shifts in how people receive, digest and disseminate marketing messages.

It appears as i

Perfectionism and Innovation Fluency
christian briggs says: There has been a lot of talk over the past decade about the importance of Innovation as the speed of business increases, and the difficulty of creating an innovative organization.
Facebook’s 6 Months of Territorial Expansion: A Timeline says:


The networking site has moved into geo-social, search, and display advertising since unveiling the open graph in April.

Mark Hunter says: We’ve all been there. After countless calls, meetings and an endless amount of work, you just can’t get the customer to say “yes” and move forward. There can be hundreds of theories and ideas as to why this happens more times than we care to admit. Let’s put all the theories aside and get to a solution you can use right now to determine if the customer is serious.
Afterlife Well Spent: Zombies Take Over
Cynthia Boris says:

You may think of Sears as a stuffy, old fashioned brand, but they’re working hard to change your opinion with a brand new social shopping site andzombies!

Sears has outdone themselves with a Halloween site makeover that doesn’t miss a trick and is loaded with treats. They’ve taken the basic website and replaced the ads with zombie versions such as dead hands showing off rings and

Social Media has been around a lot longer than we think
steve olenski says: I realize I am not the brightest bulb in the closet nor the sharpest blade in the drawer but something occurred to me the other day and I wanted to share it with you… It’s something that should have occurred a long time ago but, hey, like I said… I’m no Al Einstein.  This is, unfortunately not the first time something has taken a long time to register at my personal front desk, as it were
AOL Plans to Roll Out Project Devil Ads to Non-AOL Sites says:


The next step will be the placement of the units on an additional eight AOL sites next month.

Lynne Saarte says: When you are launching a new product or service, what you want is for people to start talking about it. The more buzz you generate, the better it becomes because it stirs up interest. The way to a buzz campaign is to leap out of your box and get uniquely crazy with your campaign…

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