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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #375

August 10, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Google/Verizon to FCC: Let Us Write the Rules We’re to be Governed By
Andy Beal says:

I’m getting fed-up with the word games that Google plays with the media.

On August 5th,we askedif Google and Verizon had made a secret pact to ensure Google’s traffic received priority over Verizon’s network. Google scolded the media–the NYTs mostly–tweeting:

NYTimes is wrong. We’ve not had any convos with VZN about paying for carriage of our traffic. We remain co

Magnetic Brings Search Retargeting to Online Video Ads says:


Search retargeting firm will make its data available through online video ad networks such as BrightRoll and others.
9 Tips For Building, Branding and Maximizing Your Profile And Exposure on LinkedIn
Stephanie Frasco says:

While LinkedIn might be the old dog in the Social Media race, it still remains as one of the most powerful tools in Business Building and Connecting online.

Where Facebook might be getting all of the press, LinkedIn offers something that Facebook cannot – a “Business-Only” platform for building your brand, product, and personal profile.

How Can You Learn Marketing From The Grateful Dead?
Lee Odden says:

Sometimes we learn best about doing things in new and innovative ways by understanding them in terms of something we already know. Stories provide useful context and perspective and that’s exactly what David Meerman Scott has done with his latest book that’s just been announced: “Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in

Business Owner Shows How NOT to Respond to Negative Yelp Review
Andy Beal says:

Ever get a negative review for your business and just wished you could give them a piece of your mind?

Well, the next time you even remotely consider attacking your attacker–especially on a “neutral” site such as Yelp–remember thistiradefrom an Arizona restaurant owner.

First of all. Wow!

Look, even if you want to go on a tirade, you shouldn’t. If your restaurant is so


Cloud Computing & Cloud Hosting by Rackspace

Mobile Ad Firms Continue to Attract Investment and Expand says:


Firms including Medialets and InMobi are driving investment and expanding to new markets.
Where There’s Jargon, There’s Parody…And a Few Serious Marketing Reminders
Kathy Klotz-Guest says:

New media like any set of new technologies has plenty of jargon, let’s face it. And sadly, it’s precisely this kind of buzzword bingo that does marketers and their customers a huge disservice. New media buzzwords sound like the empty, substance-free rhetoric we hear from politicians – it may sound interesting, but they’re not saying anything.  Jargon only masks the fact that many of t

How Much Should You Spend On SEO?
Jennifer Horowitz says:

It’s a tough question, especially in a bad economy.

The question really begs another question –what is your goal for your site?

If you are operating it as a real business where you hope to either supplement your current income or rely on it as your sole source of income – then you need to be prepared to invest in search (it’s often the foundation of your marketing and a consi

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