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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #374

August 9, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Sites To Allow Visitors To Choose the Ads They Want to See
Frank Reed says:

As the advertising world continues to try to figure out just the best way to deliver ads online enter Microsoft, Yahoo and Hulu are using something called ASq to allow site visitors to choose just what ad they would like to see before a video. Honestly, I don’t know who ‘owns’ ASq because the article in Bloomberg Businessweek covering this particular advertising change is unclear.



UFC’s ‘Hide & Tweet’ Effort Gets Knockout Results says:


A recent tweet-up by the mixed martial arts org garnered 15 million impressions in a few hours.
Canada’s Sadly Lagging Behind in Social Media
Mark Evans says:

Whether or not Air Canada uses the right social media monitoring services (or, for that matter, is monitoring social media at all) is irrelevant in the wake of a disast

How Can You Learn Marketing From The Grateful Dead?
Lee Odden says:

Sometimes we learn best about doing things in new and innovative ways by understanding them in terms of something we already know. Stories provide useful context and perspective and that’s exactly what David Meerman Scott has done with his latest book that’s just been announced: “Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in

Magazine Circulation Free Fall Slowing a Bit
Frank Reed says:

No news here that magazine circulations continue to fall but at least they may be out of free-fall ……. for now according to the Fas-Fax report from the Audit Bureau of Circulations for the first half of this year. Total paid subscriptions were 267,413,646, down 1.96 percent while Total Single-Copy Sales were 32,479,272, a fall-off of 5.63 percent.The industry has struggled to keep circulation

Papa John’s Pizza Contest Pairs Social Media and R&D says:


Pizza purveyor welcomes customers into R&D and marketing departments via Facebook and YouTube.
Would a different generation embrace social media?
Sandy Miller says:

I watched the season premiere of Mad Men and saw the character Don Draper suffering over having to give an interview. The reporter wants to know why he isn’t talking more and Don says he is from the Midwest and wasn’t raised that way.

It got me thinking, I have to wonder would social media be used in the same way or with the same fervor if it was possible during another time with another genera

How Much Should You Spend On SEO?
Jennifer Horowitz says:

It’s a tough question, especially in a bad economy.

The question really begs another question –what is your goal for your site?

If you are operating it as a real business where you hope to either supplement your current income or rely on it as your sole source of income – then you need to be prepared to invest in search (it’s often the foundation of your marketing and a consi

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