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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #35

September 3, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Social media metrics that matter Paul Chaney says:

A recent SmartBrief on Social Media poll asked the question: What is the most important metric to track in social media?

The results found that “virality” and “sentiment” predominated, not ROI.&nbsp

Livin’ the Wet Dream at the Wheel of Aston Martin’s One-77
Chuck Squatriglia says: There is exactly one Aston Martin One-77 supercar on the planet right now, and Aston let us check it out. Enjoy the moto-porn.

3 Strategies to Become More Than Just Another Salesperson

Business Know-How says: Do your customers see you as a valuable resource for their business, or are you just one of the many salespeople they have to deal with? Follow these steps to position yourself above the competition.

Hot French Maids in Lingerie, um, selling Dimdim webinars = brilliant social media marketing

Chad Richards says: So this is effin’ brilliant. I’d never have watched this but it has hooks, and lets be real – people are going to watch this. Here’s the official word.

Sept. 3, 1925: Shenandoah Crash a Harbinger of Grim Future
Tony Long says: The giant dirigible goes down in a storm. It’s the biggest crash in American aviation history at the time, and it marks the beginning of the end of the rigid airship as a viable naval tool.

How Email Marketing Helps Small Businesses Compete

Business Know-How says: Looking for an affordable and easy way to market your business? Here’s how email marketing combined with other online tactics can help you reach your customers on a tight budget.

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