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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #336

July 1, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Is Google’s “Best Guess” Good Enough for Social Search?
Andy Beal says:

When it comes to social media, it appears Google is playing a guessing game.

Exhibit A:

Google hasannouncedit will start spidering your Google Buzz content and bring anything relevant into your Social Search results–you know, that little box that you see at the bottom of your search results page?

Anyway, from the hundreds of words on the page, just one stood out to me:

Google makes a best guess


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What Can We Learn From Silly Bandz?
Rohit Bhargava says:

They are for boys or girls, you wear them on your wrist or elsewhere and just about every kid has to have an arm full of them, prompting manyschools to ban them. Welcome to the world of Silly Bandz. Like most toy sensations to hit the market, there are no shortage ofgushing morning shows, and idolatry newspaper articles declaring the little silicone/rubber bands in various shapes the must ha

  1. IMB_SillyBandz1

Who has the most authoritative Twitter followers?
TrevorJonas says:

In honor ofSocial Media Day, I decided to use Sysomos’ social media analytics platform to examine the Twitter handles of various PR news outlets, wire services and industry organizations. I was particularly interested in looking at the relative authority and predominant location of each handles’ followers. 

Will New iPhone Drama Gives Apple’s Reputation A Test?
Frank Reed says:

If you look at the history of Appleyou will see a roller coaster ride of starts and stops, triumphs and tragedies and virtually everything in between. As it is in life, you are really only as good as your last at bat and in the past few years Apple has just been hitting a ton of home runs. Good products have a tendency to help people forget the troubles of the past.

The question today though is jus



Facebook Fan/Business Pages: Worth The Hype?
Jennifer Horowitz says:


Facebook Fan Pages are a great way to connect with people, build your credibility and ultimately generate leads and grow your business. The problem is most people are making one BIG mistake when it comes to their pages, keep reading to find out what that mistake is. But first…

What Are Facebook Fan/Business Pages And Why Do You Need One?

Facebook allows you to create a Fan or Business Pag

My Social Media Summer Reading List
RobinCarey says:

Social Media Summer Reading List:

As you head to the beaches, and because many of you in social media have trouble distinguishing your personal lives from your professional, I thought I might tap into my library of terrific books recently shared with me by leading social media practitioners, consultants, and friends of SocialMediaToday. So, no, this is not the summer to finally read Ulysses. &

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