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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #332

June 27, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Cup of Joe: Those Who Can’t Blog, Make Infographics!
Joe Hall says:

So, all week long I have been thinking about a really fun post idea where I make fun of Andy’s iPhone 4obsessionanticipation. But, unfortunately for you, (and fortunately for Andy), I haven’t had any time to write that gem of a post. Instead I have been baby sitting nieces and nephews all week while balancing client work! So like I always say, those who can’t blog make infographi

Cloud Computing & Cloud Hosting by Rackspace

Adrian Key says: You probably already know this, but running an AdWords campaign 24 x 7 x 365 is expensive. But, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have your ads appear only when your prospects are most likely to buy? AdWords Ad Scheduling allows you to do exactly that!
What Can We Learn From Silly Bandz?
Rohit Bhargava says:

They are for boys or girls, you wear them on your wrist or elsewhere and just about every kid has to have an arm full of them, prompting manyschools to ban them. Welcome to the world of Silly Bandz. Like most toy sensations to hit the market, there are no shortage ofgushing morning shows, and idolatry newspaper articles declaring the little silicone/rubber bands in various shapes the must ha

  1. IMB_SillyBandz1

Social Media: The Emperor with No Clothes?
MarkEvans1 says:

I’m conflicted about social media.

Make ‘Content Anticipation’ Your Goal
Frank Reed says:

When discussing content and the web, most of the talk is around generating content for consumption by consumers, prospects and anyone else who might buy an offering whether it is a B to C or a B to B play. That’s all well and good but the “content generation” concept is really just another old school marketing tactic wrapped up in a pretty Internet bow.

What does this mean? Well, in the conte

Paul McCarthy says: Held within are 6 key traffic generating strategies that will take your article marketing above and beyond your competition. These are simple strategies that you can apply to multiply the return on your article marketing campaigns.
Facebook Fan/Business Pages: Worth The Hype?
Jennifer Horowitz says:


Facebook Fan Pages are a great way to connect with people, build your credibility and ultimately generate leads and grow your business. The problem is most people are making one BIG mistake when it comes to their pages, keep reading to find out what that mistake is. But first…

What Are Facebook Fan/Business Pages And Why Do You Need One?

Facebook allows you to create a Fan or Business Pag

Web Journal and Jeremiah’s Brand Monitoring, Social Analytics, Social Insights
webmetricsguru says:

This was a long week and the insights keep piling up – in this case, Jeremiah Owyang’s latest matrix onBrand Monitoring, Social Analytics, Social Insightswas posted today and had some pretty perceptive comments in what it said and what left out.

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