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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #33

August 31, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Shel Holtz says:

www.stopblocking.orgWith only so many hours in a day, I have to choose where to commit my energy. As a result, some projects take a back seat. But after pondering two sets of data, I’m recommitting myself to myStop Blo

Aug. 31, 1909: First Chemotherapy Drug Treats Syphilis
Hadley Leggett says: Paul Ehrlich, inventor of the wordchemotherapy, starts testing the first successful chemo agent. It was a specific against a dread venereal disease.

No need for second U.S. fiscal stimulus package: survey
(Reuters) says: Reuters – The U.S. economy does not need a second fiscal stimulus package, instead the government should cut spending over the next two years, according to a survey of business economists released on
3 Strategies to Become More Than Just Another Salesperson
Business Know-How says: Do your customers see you as a valuable resource for their business, or are you just one of the many salespeople they have to deal with? Follow these steps to position yourself above the competition.

Back to Digital Reality
Ken Burbary says:

We’re often so focused on the next big thing or mesmerized by the daily innovation of new services, tools and technologies that emerge on the web that something goes unnoticed. We slowly lose our st

comScore Top 50 Web Properties July 2009

Wikipedia to Color Code Untrustworthy Text
Hadley Leggett says: Starting this fall, you’ll have new a way to test the accuracy of the information you find on Wikipedia: a color code that grades entries based on the reliability of authors and other factors.

For stocks, summer ends with jobs data
(Reuters) says:

The Wall Street sign is seen outside the New York Stock Exchange, March 26, 2009. REUTERS/Chip EastReuters – The last week of summer could prove to be anything but relaxing for stock investors worried about the economy, with the crucial August jobs report on the agenda.

How Email Marketing Helps Small Businesses Compete
Business Know-How says: Looking for an affordable and easy way to market your business? Here’s how email marketing combined with other online tactics can help you reach your customers on a tight budget.

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