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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #253

April 9, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Apple’s iAds Bring Advertising to iPhone Applications
Andy Beal says:

As heavilyrumored, Apple’s Steve Jobs justannouncedan advertising platform for iPhone applications.

Dubbed “iAd” the new ads are designed to integrate with iPhone/iPad apps, meaning the user is exposed to the ads within the app–they’re not taken to some web page to view the content.

Apple plans to host and sell the ads, and will give the developer 60% of the collected r

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Tips For Conference Attendees
Rohit Bhargava says:

Every year in March I make my annual trek to Austin to be part of the South By Southwest Interactive show, one of the biggest gatherings of people working in all aspects of the web in the world. For those who have been, they might describe the event as a simultaneous assault of information, networking and back to back parties. It has become the Everest of social media events, and in my fourth year

Jesse Kanclerz says: A list of detailed instructions that you can start implementing right away to get found by local customers searching online for your particular products or services.
Annoying Your Customers? Avoid These Brand Turn-Offs
Jordan McCollum says:

Branding is a sometimes-elusive concept in marketing. We all know we want to build consumers’ like, trust and respect for our brands, but there isn’t a set way to do that. It’s hard to quantify progress in branding (unless you’ve got the moolah to spend on large, brand-specific surveys). But a new Harris Poll may help us avoid negative branding tactics—to an extent. T

Social Media Changes Event Planning
Jay Baer says:

It used to be you spent five minutes registering for an event, and then showed up on the big day, went to a few workshops, drank two free Coronas, and went home.

Social media changes all of that, enabling events and their planners to have long-term, nuanced, shifting interactions with attendees.

I gave a speech last week in suburban Cincinnati to theMid-American chapter of Meeting Planners Internati

Adrian Key says: You probably already know this, but running an AdWords campaign 24 x 7 x 365 is expensive. But, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have your ads appear only when your prospects are most likely to buy? AdWords Ad Scheduling allows you to do exactly that!

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