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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #232

March 19, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Paid Search: Cheap Way to Test Messages for Other Media
Jordan McCollum says:

Yesterday at OMMA Global in San Francisco, US Cellular illustrated a unique way they were using search campaigns: to test calls to action for their print campaigns. According to MediaPost:

U.S. Cellular tested six paid-search campaigns to determine the one targeted message that would reap the biggest rewards and conversions. “The messaging is limited because you have 70 characters, so it won&

Dee Adams says: Internet Marketing has many different aspects, and the techniques you use may influence your product sales greatly. Here are 10 Tactical Online Marketing Techniques that will help you increase your web site traffic and sales.
To Get Clients, You Need To Pull, Not Push
Jennifer Davey says:

In marketing, there are two main categories: Push Marketing, and Pull Marketing.

Push Marketing, also known as “interruption marketing,” is basically when you force your marketing message upon potential clients when they’re in the middle of doing something such as driving a car, surfing the web, or just spending time with friends or family. While they’re doing something else

Google + Sony + TV = 1997?
Jordan McCollum says:

Remember like 10 years ago when the “cool” thing to do was WebTV? A computer on your television set, with a keyboard and a mouse that worked (sometimes) withno wires?! Okay, so it was never really that cool—maybe watching TV and computing simultaneously hadn’t been invented yet—and yet Google is partnering with Sony to bring the Internet back to the television.

Right n

Jesse Kanclerz says: A list of detailed instructions that you can start implementing right away to get found by local customers searching online for your particular products or services.
Thinking Ahead Is Key To Business Success
James Davis says:

The fourth annualWe Media Conferencehosted at the University of Miami offered a peek into the future of media. The common thread from Tuesday’s mind-meld was not the same old “newspapers are dead” theme that so many of these conferences run into the ground. Instead, the focus was on the changing media landscape — an evolution that ultimately leads to a completely social and

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