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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #229

March 16, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Twitter to Unveil Advertising Platform Today?
Jordan McCollum says:

Today, Umair Haque of the Havas Media Lab will interview Twitter CEO Evan Williams at SxSW. TechCrunch is poised to report—especially since they expectTwitter to unveil its advertising platformin the interview.

That’s not for certain, of course, but TC points to Twitter head of monetization Anamitra Banerji’s comment on Feb 27 that they’d have the platform ready “in a


Dee Adams says: Internet Marketing has many different aspects, and the techniques you use may influence your product sales greatly. Here are 10 Tactical Online Marketing Techniques that will help you increase your web site traffic and sales.
How Are The Olympics And Entrepreneurs Similar?
Stacy Karacostas says:

The winter Olympics are off to an interesting start, as always. And while I’ve only caught parts, I did manage to watch short track skating when Apolo Ohno miraculously won silver. From the qualifying heats to the final race he was pretty amazing to watch.

While his competition in those qualifying races wasn’t super stiff, you could still see the mark of experience…As well as how

Now Available in Real Time: Spam!
Jordan McCollum says:

Yep, now you can have spam delivered in real time to your search results on Google or Twitter. This is just why we all clapped for joy whenBingandGooglehooked up with Twitter for real time results, isn’t it?

Oh, no? Hm. I guess we’re not the only ones.Search Engine Roundtablenoted a Webmaster World forum thread complaining about the spam in real time search results. In the SER poll, 78%

Jesse Kanclerz says: A list of detailed instructions that you can start implementing right away to get found by local customers searching online for your particular products or services.
Longtail SEO For Ecommerce
Dave Davies says:

The significance of longtail keywords can be exemplified by thinking about the following two people:


Billis a cafeteria worker who spends his spare time fishing and has heard that his favorite TV shows will look even better on on this new-fangled technology called “HDTV”. He might as well upgrade from his 20” to something a little larger while he’s at it his friends tell him

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