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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #192

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Thought leadership is still dead; long live idea marketing
Christopher Koch says:

So much of what passes for thought leadership these days is little more than warmed over brochures. It may look better and read better than a brochure, but it’s still a brochure because it emphasizes our products and services over the needs of the people we are trying to reach.

Last year, I wrote a piece that talked about whythought leadership is deadand why we needed a new term to describe it.


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Facebook Sends More News Traffic than Google News
Jordan McCollum says:

Last week, Facebook posted instructions on how tomake FB your “personalized news channel”and minimize nonnewsworthy clutter on their blog. Inspired,Hitwise looked at the numbers, and it looks like Facebook is already well on its way as a news starting point.

Hitwise’s stats show that Facebook is well ahead of some other news aggregators in terms of sending downstream traffic to ne

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Who We Are On The Social Web
Bill Alberti says:

I’m a different person at work than I am at home. I tell different jokes. I have different stories. I share different experiences with different people in different ways depending on a host of different factors (e.g., how well we know each other; where we went to school; what our shared interests may be, etc.).

The context in which I know people is different from one person, one situation to the ne

Social media and football fanatics
Matt Rhodes says:

The Kop
Image byJonathan Gillvia Flickr

Guest Post By Richie Jones

I’ve always supported Liverpool. And I’m like many modern fans – I watch the game on TV, I follow it online, and I’ve blogged about it on and off for a few years.

However, after a particularly ignominious defeat my girlfriend jokily suggested that I should offer my services as a fan to other teams. Never jokily suggest things like tha

Cup of Joe: It’s All About The Benjamins
Joe Hall says:

Ben FranklinSo, a few days ago I was on Twitter and a friend of mine asked her followers how much she should pay a designer for a new logo. My response was, “well, pay them what ever they invoice you for.” She then explained that this designer didn’t know how to price his logos and needed help. I remember when I first started my business I had no idea how to price products. I used to spend d

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How to Write Engaging Blogs People Want to Read
Matt Tuens says:

Thomas Edison famously remarked that genius was “1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” For bloggers this means that if you put your effort into it, you can create a blog that gathers a following. If you look at a group of bloggers, one with a worldwide following and the rest with small audiences, the former will not necessarily be the best writer, the funniest, the smartest or even the one

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