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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #156

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Social media marketing: Can I trust you?
Urs E Gattiker says:

Some believe today’s students are savvy social media users who are more trusting of organizations than older users and don’t care for ambiguity. If that’s true,Dan Zarrella’sThe Social Media Marketing Book(233 pages) is the perfect gift for the uninitiated trying to make sense out of all the social media options.

Yes, we got a free preview copy, including the press material from publisher O

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      Survey: Online Shopping Satisfies; Bigger is Better
      Jordan McCollum says:

      ForeSee Resultshas issued the results of its annual E-Retailer Satisfaction Index—a survey of 10,000 shoppers at the top 40 retailers—and the results are good—if you’re a big e-tailer. If not, well—let’s just say you’re pulling down the average.

      As theWall Street Journal reports, the 40 largest online retailers averaged a satisfaction score of 79 on a scale

      Who We Are On The Social Web
      Bill Alberti says:

      I’m a different person at work than I am at home. I tell different jokes. I have different stories. I share different experiences with different people in different ways depending on a host of different factors (e.g., how well we know each other; where we went to school; what our shared interests may be, etc.).

      The context in which I know people is different from one person, one situation to the ne

      Swedish Volkswagen video the most viral ever
      Hans Kullin says: Volkswagen turns to social media when promoting new cars. In a recentAdvertising Age article, Volkswagen of America says it is launching the next generation GTI exclusively on an iPhone app, because it is a cost-efficient marketing tool. Compare that with the $60 million Volkswagen spent on TV commercials on the 2006 launch of GTI.

      And in Sweden, Volkswagen has produced three videos that have gone

      Google to Host Android Announcement Event
      Jordan McCollum says:

      Google is stirring up buzz to rival Apple’s yearly expectations with an invitation for reporters to an event January 5—yep, just days before the CES show. Apple has made a tradition of big (or not so big) announcements scheduled conveniently upstaging the popular Consumer Electronics Show. So Google will definitely be cutting into the speculation market between now and then—espec

      Neil Stafford says: First of all let me make it clear that success in this area is not about the number of partners you have, but how well they promote your products, make sales and bring in members for you. There are just two things you need to do and they couldn’t be simpler.
      How to Write Engaging Blogs People Want to Read
      Matt Tuens says:

      Thomas Edison famously remarked that genius was “1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” For bloggers this means that if you put your effort into it, you can create a blog that gathers a following. If you look at a group of bloggers, one with a worldwide following and the rest with small audiences, the former will not necessarily be the best writer, the funniest, the smartest or even the one

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