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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #148

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A Far Out 2010 Scenario: Microsoft Buys AOL says:

Investment whiz James Altucher has penned a list of predictions for the new year,published today in the Wall Street Journal. Most of his guesses have to do with the national economic picture (unemployment falls to 8 percent), but buried in the list is one striking forecast about the digital media landscape.

Altucher believes Microsoft is likely to swoop in and buy AOL in a bid to compete directly w

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Advancing the Discussion of Social Media & ROI
JasonBreed says:

Return on Investment or (ROI) is one of those terms that has been mis-used by all in 2009.  As we look to 2010, how can we get back on track.  We know there is going to be a strong influx of interest in social media projects by companies.  In fact, a report fromeconsultancy and bigmouthmediasuggest that 86% of the 1,100 companies surveyed plan to spend more on social media in 2010 a


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YouTube Gets (Not Really) Shorter Links
Jordan McCollum says:

Just a week after Google launched its URL shortener,, it’s premiering another one,this time for YouTube. And because we can’t stand to learn yet another URL shortener name, they’re going To use the new shortener, you just append the video ID to, so

Shall we count them togethe

Who We Are On The Social Web
Bill Alberti says:

I’m a different person at work than I am at home. I tell different jokes. I have different stories. I share different experiences with different people in different ways depending on a host of different factors (e.g., how well we know each other; where we went to school; what our shared interests may be, etc.).

The context in which I know people is different from one person, one situation to the ne

Yahoo: Advertisers Needn’t Worry About Holidays Shutdown says:

Yahoo spokesperson Dana Lengkeek suggested this morning that her company’s reportedweek-long shutdownwon’t affect advertisers.

“Essential functions will be working, including consumer and B2B customer support,” she said. “We aren’t providing specific numbers about who is working, but again, essential functions are operating.”

When asked, Lengkeek didn’t clarify if advertisers could ping their normal

The Power of Your Name in Personal Branding
Nance Rosen says:

Your name is the single most important factor in your enterprise, whether you introduce and represent your company by speaking your name loudly and clearly while offering a hearty handshake – or write an equally hearty introductory post on a discussion thread.

Here’s a slightly off topic tip: the back of your head or an avatar that looks like Gumby and Courtney Love had a child, not a good pers




    Google Work at Home Scammer Settling Suit
    Jordan McCollum says:

    Earlier this month, Google revealed it wasfiling suit against Pacific WebWorks(and other yet-to-be-named parties) for infringing on its trademark. Pacific WebWorks was among the companies running a “Google Work from Home” scam, advertising a way to make money off Google, to be learned through an inexpensive kit (and hidden, exorbitant recurring fee—which always enhances my learni

    Neil Stafford says: First of all let me make it clear that success in this area is not about the number of partners you have, but how well they promote your products, make sales and bring in members for you. There are just two things you need to do and they couldn’t be simpler.
    How to Write Engaging Blogs People Want to Read
    Matt Tuens says:

    Thomas Edison famously remarked that genius was “1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” For bloggers this means that if you put your effort into it, you can create a blog that gathers a following. If you look at a group of bloggers, one with a worldwide following and the rest with small audiences, the former will not necessarily be the best writer, the funniest, the smartest or even the one

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