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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #130

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Reuters: Friendster Sale Is Imminent says:

A few stories of note from around the Internet:

Friendster to be Sold by Month’s End
Proto-social network will be sold to Asian firm for about $100 million.

Seeking a Symbol for ‘This Ad Knows About You’
NYTimes Bits Blog
A breakdown of the current discussion on what logo should represent targeted advertising.

Coke Tries Facial-Recognition on Facebook
Builds database to help Facebook users find

5 reasons why other people will spread your personal brand
Drew McLellan says:

Shutterstock_18268654I was part of a panel (withClaire Celsi,Nathan T. Wright&Dr. David Bulla) talking to journalists about personal branding this morning.

Part of my message was that it’s fine and dandy to have a personal brand…but one of the keys to its success is in how you share your brand with the world. I used the analogy of a dandelion.

Once you figure out what your personal brand is all about….you hold i

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Gobala Krishnan says: This article debates the importance of using follow-up emails and autoresponder software to increase sales.
The SEO’s Toolkit Part Three of Three: Resources
Dave Davies says:

Welcome to part three of this three part series on SEO tools and resources. In the last two articles we discussed the variety ofFirefox extensionsused for SEO as well as an assortment of otherfree or affordable SEO tools. In this article we’ll discuss some of the resources you’ll want to access on a regular basis to keep up to date and informed on the goings-on in the search engine and SEO realm.


Cup of Joe: Naughty USB Drives, Mickey Mouse, & Volkswagen all Teach a Lesson in Fun!
Joe Hall says:

A few days ago my father emailed me the above video. It’s from a project called theThe Fun Theory. The Fun Theory is basically a group that is using various crowd sourcing techniques to help brainstorm ideas that make common everyday tasks fun–in an effort to change people’s behavior for the better. It can be for the betterment of the environment, your neighborhood, or yourself.

Google Ends Trial of Simplified Local Ads says:

Google has ended a two-month test of simplified local listings designed to help small businesses target ads to geographic searches. The program, called Local Listing Ads, was offered free during the trial period. The sign-up period is now closed and ads will stop running by the middle of the month.

According to a Google statement, the company is using data from the trial period to improve its small


Smiley Slider, An Interface Element to Show Satisfaction Levels
Stewart Mader says:


Smiley Slider, developed for an ACNielsen survey tool byOllie Campbelland Stefan Seifert.

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Donna Gunter says: A telesummit is a virtual online conference that offers a line-up of varied speakers over a period of time. The telesummit is usually organized by a theme or for a particular target market. The free “live” telesummit model is the one that I thinks offers the most possiblity for helping accelerate your business growth. Here are 5 secrets to turcharging your online business with a telesumm
Who We Are On The Social Web
Bill Alberti says:

I’m a different person at work than I am at home. I tell different jokes. I have different stories. I share different experiences with different people in different ways depending on a host of different factors (e.g., how well we know each other; where we went to school; what our shared interests may be, etc.).

The context in which I know people is different from one person, one situation to the ne

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