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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #111

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The Evolution of Blogging
Jordan McCollum says:

Oh, how I wish this was a cool YouTube video that could go viral. But it’s not. Instead, it’s some pretty interesting research by PostRank on howreader engagement in blogging has evolvedover the last three years.

Not so surprisingly, trackbacks as a means of joining the conversation have dropped off in favor of taking the discussion to Twitter or other social sites. Over the last there


RockYou Raises $50 Million in VC Funding says:

A few stories ClickZ’s editors are reading:

RockYou Raises $50 Million In Venture Capital(TechCrunch)

Google Strikes YouTube Deal With Univision(Dow Jones Newswires)

The Problem With AOL’s Media Strategy(Business Insider)

Does the Industry Need Big Digital Agencies Anymore?(AdAge)

What Enterprise Can Learn From the FDA Social Media Hearings
Vanessa DiMauro says: “May you live in interesting times” is as much a Chinese curse as it
is a blessing and in so many ways it can be applied to the recent
happenings with theFDA hearingson social media  in Washington late last week.  The FDA invited more
than 60 speakers to present their perspective on social media as it
related to direct to consumer (DTC) advertising, media, reporting and
essentially accou

Adrian Key says: Your AdWords click through rate (ctr) is an important statistic for any advertising campaign. A good ctr will reward you with a higher Quality Score. And the better your Quality Score, the less you’ll pay in bids, saving you money.
The SEO’s Toolkit Part Three of Three: Resources
Dave Davies says:

Welcome to part three of this three part series on SEO tools and resources. In the last two articles we discussed the variety ofFirefox extensionsused for SEO as well as an assortment of otherfree or affordable SEO tools. In this article we’ll discuss some of the resources you’ll want to access on a regular basis to keep up to date and informed on the goings-on in the search engine and SEO realm.


Google Image Swirl in Labs Now
Frank Reed says:

Image Swirl LogoGoogle continues to play around in the lab trying to come up with something to create a better end user experiment. They sure seem busy over there in Mountain View because it doesn’t seem that there’s a day that goes by without some new service being announced. Today, it’s the Google labs offering calledImage Swirlwhich is a different way to help group images in a search so they can be more

Swirl Page 1

Swirl P 2

Will AOL Try to Replace TMZ? says:

As you may have read, TMZ will no longer be part of the AOL family once it splits from Time Warner, which will operate the site instead. AOL confirmed this with me today.

So, is this a blow to AOL from an advertising sales perspective? Well, TMZ took ad sales in-house in July. So, it may not even be a boon for Time’s sales staff.

However, TMZ has been a nice jewel for AOL to show off when hyping its

Brands on Twitter: 76% of Accounts Are Infrequent Users
Jordan Willms says:

Very cool article on Adage about how big corporations view Twitter and what is it for. Surprisingly low is the customer-service channel at 9%.

Even more telling is how companies apply currently traditional marketing practices to this new media channel, including:


  • Twitter as a newsfeed: 26%
  • Twitter as brand-builder: 24%
  • Twitter as direct marketer/sales channel: 16%
  • Twitter as thought-leadership ch

Nelson Tan says: Discover how to localize website content and geotarget your AdWords campaign to better attract visitors on a geographical basis.
Who We Are On The Social Web
Bill Alberti says:

I’m a different person at work than I am at home. I tell different jokes. I have different stories. I share different experiences with different people in different ways depending on a host of different factors (e.g., how well we know each other; where we went to school; what our shared interests may be, etc.).

The context in which I know people is different from one person, one situation to the ne

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