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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #109

November 16, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Search Evangelism says:

A poster seen on a NYC subway for Marble Collegiate Church.


Audi taps social media for car design
Hans Kullin says: audi2


For this year’s Los Angeles Design Challenge, Audi turned to social media for ideas and input on the design of new cars. Audi invited the community of nearly 400,000 Audi fans on Facebook to interact and come up with suggestions for the design of a Youthmobile that would come out in the year 2030.Designers engaged with fans in a numbers of ways, such as discussion threads, polls and feedback on ph

Tinu AbayomiPaul says: I love to see things blow up as long as I know no one really got hurt – not just in movies but in website promotion. And an intelligent social media strategy won’t just get you several thousand links from various social sites. It can bring you premium web visibility, more targeted visitors, and bring you closer to your existing audience.
Guitar Center Breathes New Life Into Dull ‘Wish List’ Genre says:


Guitar Center is spicing up the worn-out genre of wish lists with an interactive tool that lets people say “gimme” with a bit of style and attitude.

Visitors to the music retailer’s Web site can use theWish List poster generatorto create online rock posters in one of a number of styles, including indie, 60s, garage, new wave, rockabilly, punk, and metal. The application lets musicians drag guitars,

Use Twitter Lists to Build Your Personal Brand
Dan Schawbel says:

Guest Post by Dan Honigman

If you’re a personal brand, or are looking to build your personal brand, you can use Twitter lists as well. Here are some easy things you can do to get noticed:

  • Thank every person who lists you.While it may take only a second to add someone to a Twitter list, it also takes a second to notice that you’re on someone else’s list. If someone thinks you add enough value t573322389_ab14f4ebb3
  • Twitter Lists

Adrian Key says: Your AdWords click through rate (ctr) is an important statistic for any advertising campaign. A good ctr will reward you with a higher Quality Score. And the better your Quality Score, the less you’ll pay in bids, saving you money.

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