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Daily Online Profits News – Issue #105

November 12, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Google Testing Skippable Ads in YouTube Videos
Jordan McCollum says:

Online ads might be working wellfor news sites, but YouTube is always looking for a bigger piece of the online video advertising pie. As of today, Google is testing skippable ads on YouTube, as part of its ongoing search for the “right” way to monetize the most popular video site on the web.

The test will run with videos from content partners who have opted in to the program. The prerol

Free Wi-Fi the Latest Battleground in Search Wars? says:

Remember when the search engine wars were about search? These days, it’s a given that Google won on that front, but that’s not stopping Yahoo and Microsoft from trying to beat Google at another game: free Wi-Fi. But, as usual, Google’s getting involved too.

Yahoo isproviding free Wi-Fiin New York’s Times Square, complete with a landing page chock-full of links to Yahoo Local listings, Flickr photos

Marketing messages are simply another bee in the hive
John Caddell says:

Cynthia Kurtz starts off arecent blog postwith a provocative statement: “Telling a story is not always the best way to tell a story.”

She continues:

There are no green fieldsin the land of stories; every available spot is occupied and contested. There are no story-free environments. When a new story is launched into the world, the stories it meets do not simply watch as the newcomer descend

Mark Hunter says: Discounting is for losers…In order to achieve the highest potential possible a salesperson needs to believe in their pricing as much as they believe in their selling skills.
The SEO’s Toolkit Part Two of Three: Tools
Dave Davies says:

Welcome to part two of this three part series on SEO tools and resources. In the last article we discussed the variety ofFirefox extensionsused for SEO. In this article we’ll discuss some of the free and affordable tools you can use to better your organic optimization efforts. To make sure that when I say affordable I mean for virtually everyone I’m going to set the bar at $100/yr or ownership. Ad

Bada Bing! Bing Adds New Video and SERP Features
Jordan McCollum says:

bing-logo1Microsoft has announced several new features for its rebranded search engine—I mean, “decision engine”—Bing, including the rollout of Bing Videos, a partnership with Wolfram Alpha and a new hover preview feature.

Bing Videos

Yesterday,Bing announced a new video sitethat will take over the old Microsoft Video (yeah, I’d never heard of it, either). In addition to MSN vide

Seafood Industry Fights NYT Story with AdWords Campaign says:

A few stories ClickZ’s editors are reading:

Seafood Industry Fights NYT Story with AdWords Campaign(Nieman Journalism Lab)

Wrigley Drops Tribal DDB, Digitas and for Digital(AdAge)

Murdoch could block Google searches entirely(Guardian)

AOL Laying Off 100 Today(ValleyWag)

Twitter Hit Sh*t My Dad Says Heads to TV(Hollywood Reporter)

RIM Unveils Advertising, Payment and Location Services for Blac

Brand positioning takes on a new meaning in a Hyper-Social world
francois gossieaux says:

brandingtagsmSome pundits will tell you that you should do away with brand messaging and positioning all together, since you cannot control it anyway. Not so fast! People need to know what bucket to put your offering in, and if they can’t, they won’t know how to assign value to what you have to offer. Tivo ended up in that pickle, with consumers not quite sure what category of products to compare the offer

Tinu AbayomiPaul says: I love to see things blow up as long as I know no one really got hurt – not just in movies but in website promotion. And an intelligent social media strategy won’t just get you several thousand links from various social sites. It can bring you premium web visibility, more targeted visitors, and bring you closer to your existing audience.
The SEO’s Toolkit Part Three of Three: Resources
Dave Davies says:

Welcome to part three of this three part series on SEO tools and resources. In the last two articles we discussed the variety ofFirefox extensionsused for SEO as well as an assortment of otherfree or affordable SEO tools. In this article we’ll discuss some of the resources you’ll want to access on a regular basis to keep up to date and informed on the goings-on in the search engine and SEO realm.


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