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August 2, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Google’s “Show More Results” Link Goes Contextual
Barry Schwartz says: It seems like Google has changed the way they handle the “show more results from” feature, by removing the simple HTML link to a site command feature and by dynamically opening up several more results, within the same search results page. They are using an AJAX (JavaScript) driven plus sign box that adds an […]


Forget the Apple Tablet, Try the MacBook Cake [Pics]
Pete Cashmore says:

macbookcakesmallCan’t wait another month for the rumoredApple tablet? Perhaps we can interest you in the MacBook cake, an intricate, 100% edible rendering of a MacBook Pro created by New York’sBCakeNY.

The astoundingly detailed cake includes a wireless mouse, sugar Post-It notes and that silvery MacBook Pro sheen.

Other edible tech delights includeFirefox cookies, theiCakeand theiPhone cake. Sweet!









Blu-ray Burner Turns Your Desktop Into a Spin Zone
Michael S. Lasky says: Need a Blu-ray burner? Don’t want to deal with testing write speeds or deal with dense jargon? No problem. Wired is here to help.

More steps may be needed on economy: Geithner
(Reuters) says: Reuters – U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Sunday more actions may be necessary to firm up economic recovery, including extended unemployment aid, and declined to rule out future tax hikes to reduce massive budget deficits.
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MySpace Launches MySpace Graveyard [Parody Video]
Pete Cashmore says:

myspacegraveyardIt’s no secret that MySpace, once the undisputed leader in the social networking realm, has been losing users at an alarming rate. Hitwiserecently reportedthat the site is sliding in the music and entertainment category, while one proposed comeback strategy includes becoming theleader in online gaming. Others maintain that music is whereMySpacebegan, and returning to its roots could prompt a turnaround in its fortunes (seeCan MySpace Make a Comeback?).

In a video posted last week, video sit

Darley: Stud Farm for the Studs of Horse Racing
Jim Merithew says: Where do thoroughbred race horses go when they retire? The best of them go stud, and one of the best stud farms going is Darley, in the Kentucky bluegrass country.

S&P eyes 1,000; could be ripe for retreat
(Reuters) says:

Two women carry their Toys R Us purchases in New York City. US private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) plans initial public offerings (IPOs) worth billions of dollars for up to six of its companies, including Toys R Us, the Financial Times has said.(AFP/File/Stan Honda)Reuters – Wall Street may have momentum on its side this week as the S&P 500 tries to puncture the 1,000 level, but the rally’s staying power will depend on whether U.S. data and corporate earnings provide more signs of economic stabilization.

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