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Considering SEO services or an SEO company? Stop! Online Video Marketing Is The Best Option

September 27, 2012 by · 25 Comments 

Seo services Video Results for new and unique SEO services through video marketing. Google has recently undergone many major changes that have caused uncertainty in previous SEO expert services. Websites that were previously number one for their chosen keywords in Google and YouTube are now nowhere to be seen and even the best SEO companies are struggling to recover. This is where the video marketing and alternative SEO company Video Results steps in. A relatively new company in the video SEO world, they have established themselves as market leaders by creating exceptional ranking results for their clients. Using a mixture of unprecedented organic SEO services and video conversion expertise, Video Results know exactly what buttons to press to create a high converting video for your business and get it showing in the top ranking position on Google and YouTube. Video Results is the creation of the combined expertise of Tom Breeze and Andy Frain who have fused together video creation and video SEO services to form a unique video marketing hybrid. “Nobody offers what we do” says Andy, “Not just the two aspects of creating a high converting video and then generating unprecedented rankings- not even the best SEO companies offer both services, and so there are no SEO company services that have the depth of knowledge and understanding that Video Results has.” His business partner Tom agrees, “There is no point in paying a fortune for an SEO company to get a


25 Responses to “Considering SEO services or an SEO company? Stop! Online Video Marketing Is The Best Option”
  1. copywritingtips1 says:

    Very interesting. VideoResults is an amazing company – and now they’re going to market so everyone can benefit.

  2. Ghazala Faizi says:

    What a great video! Can’t wait to find out more about ranking at no. 1 on Google.

  3. VideoResultsDotCom says:

    Thanks for the kind words

  4. VideoResultsDotCom says:

    Thanks for this. A higher returns on investment is more important in the long run than lower prices. Video marketing is so much more effective than traditional SEO, but with no one out there having our traffic AND conversion skills with video (as shown by our clients results) this is such an effective strategy for profits in any niche or industry.

  5. VideoResultsDotCom says:

    Thanks for the feedback

  6. VideoResultsDotCom says:

    Tanks for the comment and the good wishes

  7. Rajnish Phulara says:

    the video presented here is a nice one and best of luck

  8. Coling Loard says:

    It is a really a great and best video.

  9. Ripon Ahmed says:

    this will be an excellent way of attracting more customers for starting business men and women

  10. witchpoison32 says:

    Hey~ I just watched your vid and I think this will definitely be helpful to small business struggling to keep up with companies that have more presence on the web. And also, this will be an excellent way of attracting more customers for starting business men and women. I read your description and I think it’s great that these services are offered at lower prices than others. Good job!

  11. Laxmi8427 says:

    I like it .It is a really a great and best video.It provides a lot information to us.

  12. VideoResultsDotCom says:

    Good to hear

  13. VideoResultsDotCom says:

    Thanks for the like and the comment

  14. VideoResultsDotCom says:

    I dont know about that – but thanks anyway!

  15. VideoResultsDotCom says:

    What inputs in aprticular? Would be interesting to know

  16. VideoResultsDotCom says:

    Thanks for this – appreciated

  17. VideoResultsDotCom says:

    Thanks for the feedback

  18. VideoResultsDotCom says:

    Look forward to hearing from you

  19. VideoResultsDotCom says:

    Thanks David… very succinctly and well put

  20. davidlmorse says:

    People underestimate/become easily annoyed by SEO but it’s incredibly significant. I like how you attempt to maintain the integrity of internet searches but still offer a useful product. Cheers.

  21. Thompson Brownlow says:

    Your results are impressive. I’ll definitely use you for my next project.

  22. Kavin k.v. says:

    Its simply superb and informative too…
    Good video which guide us to earn money

  23. sm tito says:

    Awesome informative video.This video provides useful information about online video marketing.Great job.Please have a look now!

  24. Nutalie Glebova says:

    this is one of the best videos about seo and how to use it vitally and i got some valuable inputs for sure

  25. rahu draju says:

    This is the best way to get money…….

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