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20 Reel Video Marketing Questions Answered – Hangout on Air 8/23/2012

August 28, 2012 by · 24 Comments 

Video Marketing Questions & Answers – ▼ EXPAND THIS DESCRIPTION ▼ So, We held our first Google+ Hangout-on-Air today (08/23/2012) to spend some time answering video marketing questions from those that attended the event. While we had some technical difficulties, overall, it was a fun learning experience and we hope that you can join us for our next hangout (TBD). To stay informed of future hangouts and other ReelSEO events, subscribe to us here on YouTube ( as well as circle and follow us on Google+ ( Facebook ( and of course, on our website @ JUMP to each question using the blue links below▼ Question #1) 06 How many different types of YouTube accounts and channels are there (Partners, Brands, Free, Others) and in particular, are there different levels of brand channels? Question #2) 08:20 When do custom thumbnails get rolled out for all monetized youtube users? Question #3) 12:05 Since I have 2 channels, is there a way to organize my channels into a network or will I have to keep my content separate? Question #4) 15:05 If I add my video shows to playlists, can viewers subscribe to individual playlists? Question #5) 17:20 Is there a way to post a video without a notification going out to all your subscribers? Question #6) 20:10 Should I kick off my new channel with my best tutorials or should I build an audience before I post my best stuff? Question #7) 22:47 Does your upload location matter and how do you draw in

Simple Video Pro – Review

August 22, 2012 by · 20 Comments 

Simple Video Pro Simple Video Pro is an amazing video player and a unique video marketing tool. Simple Video Pro allows you to use youtube videos or any kind of video to create an fantastic interactive video. The social media overlay it’s amazing, you can add facebook and Pinterest links to it, the option to add html over the video will allow you to add banners (your own) with your own links pointing them where ever you want! Simple video pro unlike other video marketing tools, not alone standard video player, have lots of new features not heard out before. The most useful feature of Simple Video Pro is allowing affiliates to embed their own links in the videos, up to now. I’ve been either providing them with the raw video files or adding the relevant callouts. Integrating video with Facebook may not be new to some of us, but combining the power of video with Twitter and Pinterest is an untapped market for many business owners. Now it looks like we will be able to utilize that power with those two social giants like never before through Simple Video Pro. Don’t get me wrong — Facebook is still an excellent venue for internet marketers and this software will make it easier to market our products via that platform as well. This is the first and only time I have seen a video package that can combine these three marketing resources into one video software package. It will also be an incredible time saver too.

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