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Why Video Marketing is Important – Video 1

September 9, 2012 by · 21 Comments 

This video explains the importance and benefits of video marketing. – Over half of the traffic on the internet is now video – Video marketing gives you access to tons of valuable backlinks – A “viral” video can be unstoppable once in motion – Many people are not doing it yet – It is pretty easy to do

Stop Related Videos From Showing at the End of Your Videos

September 6, 2012 by · 16 Comments 

Click here ! You may have noticed that after your embedded YouTube video is played on your site or any other site, related videos show up at the end. IF you don’t know yet, these are actually blows you to the negative side. Why? Simply because your supposed to be prospects and viewers are now enticed to watch the other “related videos” at the end, losing them to another video, another owner and someone else’s gain. Learn how to Stop Related Videos From Showing at the End of Your Videos! Any questions? Leave me a comment below! Vitoria Castro http

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