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Bill Hicks on Marketing

September 1, 2009 by · 24 Comments 

Online publishing has indeed taken the Internet by storm in recent years, making the use of video for marketing, promotion, news and PR online a true key strategic component and a key business differentiator for internet marketers who want to communicate effectively about their product profile and benefits within the shortest possible of time.

Bill Hicks speaks a lot about this subject…


24 Responses to “Bill Hicks on Marketing”
  1. MattSanti says:

    There are a lot of slimey marketers out there, but marketing is about getting people to buy legit products for their problems and satisfying their wants. No one is forced with a gun barrel down their mouth to whip out that credit card and buy that extra pack of Twinkies at the grocery store. C’mon now.

  2. ikvsabre says:

    “i dont even understand how marketing is so evil? ”

    Because a lot of it is predicated on tricking people on spending money they don’t have on a shitty product they don’t need.

    “he’s making fun of marketing for christssakes”

    Yes he is. He isn’t raping children. You’re “i hope he dies ” is SO over the top, I hope you get cancer (turn about is fair play, after all, is it not?)

  3. bakeshowdotus says:

    I’m a marketer… deal with it, haha

  4. D0g63rt says:

    Some might actually have fallen for it.

  5. BigTopBrain says:

    Thank you.

  6. Televizzle07 says:

    btw being a business owner is not the same as marketing right? becuz i dont market i just let ppl know about it instead of shoving it down their throats like the porn site spammers on this freakin webpage

  7. Televizzle07 says:

    this dude is wicked funny and yes he definitely reminds me of the joker in this for some reason

  8. dfm1109 says:

    Um… he is dead. From pancreatic cancer actually. I would imagine that there are those who don’t understand Hick’s material; mainly because they have stopped thinking for themselves…..they let advertisers and marketers think for them. Shame he died too – who does Denis Leary steal his material from now?

  9. rjc1231 says:

    i dont even understand how marketing is so evil? this guy makes no sense, and doesn’t make me laugh. he’s making fun of marketing for christssakes. fuck this guy i hope he dies

  10. fepe09 says:

    stupid not funny

  11. guyonweedman87 says:

    loved it!

  12. guyonweedman87 says:

    omg cant watch anymore videos, cant listen to any music, cant stand the traffic passin by anymore, one’s drivin a good car, ones scrappin along, what difference does it really make which car is which, there are no more movies anymore for me, theres a rly nice tree just down my block, id like to sleep under that tree tonight, make a little shelter out of just 2 branches, tear a little grass to serve me as a pillow perhaps (did all that once btw, felt real gooood)!!!

    Love you 4ever Bill!!!!!!!!

  13. marccas10 says:

    It’s December the 21st 2012 the sky grows dark and brooding and then all light is extinguished. suddenly with a massive roar of energy a dark horseman on a white charger streaks down from sky and slowly canters along the street… a rope is trailing behind the horseman and as he passes i notice a man wrists bound ambling after him It’s george Bush snr… his feet are dragging something i look closer and see that George Jnr is holding on been dragged and holding George Jnr’s leg is Tony Blair!

  14. marccas10 says:

    Rupert Murdoch is holding Tony Blairs legs and a chain of people stretches as far as the eye can see, the damned weep and moan as they are dragged along shouting at the onlookers who witness the horrific procession, “Fuck Truth” “Fuck Innocence” “Fuck Honesty” “Fuck Talent” “Fuck Respect” and fuck You! as the thousands of people are dragged to hell the last person a Fred Goodwin is handed a note by a small smilling child, he opens the note and it says.. “You gained the world and lost your soul”

  15. winokur89 says:


  16. hhiippiittyy says:

    hicks hands down imo 🙂

  17. zegh8578 says:

    im gonna be awake while im allive. that way i can appreciate it.

  18. jmosler9 says:


  19. hendrixgenius says:

    I think Sam Kinison was very funny, I think Bill Hicks was funny. They were part of the Texas ‘Comedy Outlaws’ gang in the 80’s with a few other stand ups. Who do ya reckon was funnier, Hicks or Kinison??

  20. xXTange says:

    For everyone who links bill to the Illuminati and shit, remember that he never mentions the Illuminati. That is a lie spawned by the liar Alex Jones to get money and followers to help push his agenda. Don’t fall from one trap into another. Trust No one.

  21. youniverse9 says:

    People have given this comment the thumbs down… but to me, it doesn’t seem to be going against what Bill Hicks believed.

    But for the record, I think ‘evil’ is contracting… it’s trying really hard to hang on at this point. People are waking up to the truth – Bill would be proud.

    Peace y’all

  22. torresut says:

    You must be a marketer! I feel your pain

  23. guyonweedman87 says:

    man created both evil and good. how can anyone believe in that bullshit of “evil and good”??!? how can u think of anything ultimately and pure evil? or good for that matter? there is only this shithole of a civilization that we live in, where size matters, that might be the evil ur talkin about

  24. TheNaturalWoman says:

    Yep, George Carlin and Bill Hicks….RIP, dudes!

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