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Benefit of Video for Law Firm Marketing

May 30, 2011 by · 3 Comments Video is important for law firm marketing. This video shows how attorneys marketing their services can benefit from using video. For more information on law firm marketing visit


3 Responses to “Benefit of Video for Law Firm Marketing”
  1. PersonalSuccessMktg says:


    FINALLY an attorney who really GETS IT! Great to see this message. Hey, we’re following you and have subscribed.

    We work with professionals who have suffered a DII (Disastrous Internet Identity) – they may have gotten away from the liable suit and even won a settlement… but what is left all over the Internet that will be there to hurt them? Or even just a nasty blog post from a disgruntled client or patient?

    Much success to you.

    Charlie Seymour Jr
    RepairYourOwnLegendNow (dotcom)

  2. Utubehotlinkbuttons says:


  3. lawmed1 says:

    You are totally right on target again Dave.

    I have been telling attorneys for years that creating video is the best way to get your message across to an online viewer. Viewers get to see you hear you and trust you before they ever pick up the phone or walk in the door.

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