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Animoto Tutorial: Video Marketing Tool for Online Businesses

December 30, 2009 by · 22 Comments 

The new Animoto slide creation provides an easy to use platform to create quick and effective videos and market your business online. I can already see the value in this resource. It took me about ten minutes to create a new video…


22 Responses to “Animoto Tutorial: Video Marketing Tool for Online Businesses”
  1. FreeTrafficSystems says:

    Great vid, view my channel and be my friend. Thank you.

    Take care.

  2. AbunzaGoldMine says:

    Great tutorial James, This is what i have been looking for! Great job!

  3. kaivin88 says:

    this helps me alot…

  4. gekkehenkie1991 says:

    this program is wonderfull you can edit remix share … you can do everyting practicly i like that and ia m going to make my videos with this program for a long while

  5. felixthemaster1 says:

    or you can actually download the video

  6. felixthemaster1 says:


  7. yyymoi29yyy says:


  8. moneymakergirlie says:

    Cool , Check out my profile For Free IM coaching Now ! Please subscribe too 🙂

  9. zorox1999 says:


  10. rabnesslp says:

    Nice video. Hope we can connect as I am an entrepreneur also. Check out my videos and add me as a friend/subscribe to my channel if you like. Have a great day!

  11. ChondroBiak says:

    this site is amazing, i used it for school and got an A

  12. CRUM6178 says:

    Animoto is pretty cool. Just started dabbling with it today. Use Promo code ebuwgdpz and get $5 off

  13. kidschewabi says:

    but how did you put it on movie maker im using that camtasia thing

  14. kidschewabi says:

    good idea thanks

  15. jameswsa says:

    You can make as many free 30-sec segments as you want. Play the video segments and “grab them” or “capture them ” with Camtasia or Cam Studio then import them to moviemaker and piece them togther as you see fit.



  16. kidschewabi says:

    is there a way i can put this on videos i make such as saving a copy into my videos and using it for windows movie maker because i dont want to pay for making a full length video

  17. raveefghg says:

    Nice Video. Check out TubeViews (dotnet) If you need your video exposed, It has really helped me a bunch. Be blessed!

    THIS WORKS! Its amazing.. THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE!!!!!!

  18. Locosss7 says:

    This code wuvfpmjy will get you $5 off the annual fee of $30, it also gives me an extra month of membership, so everyone wins. You get your own code when buy your 1 year pass, so you can do the same as me. If you promote it well you will be getting it free forever!

  19. ThaNoobBox says:

    thanks this helped alot

  20. AmpleStorageWilsonNC says:

    Very cool, we may try this too.

  21. jameswsa says:

    You can always recapture the video, mute the audio track and add your “miked” audio from your own editor. This is a good, simple supplement to your videos. It doesn’t have to be your only video producing source. I don’t remeber that Sony software, but they’re always ahead of their time.

  22. majorghn says:

    Why can’t we use our mic to add our voice? Also, some of my photos were not shown in there entirety…about 20% of some photos were cut out by the software. Sony’s old “Shake & Bake” video software that used to come free with their VIAO’s back about 6 years was way better than this software.

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