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Amazing one-shot hip hop music video

July 18, 2010 by · 25 Comments 

This is the official video for Virtual Love, the new single from Philadelphia hip hop artist Legrand. Music/Lyrics: Legrand. Audio production: Legrand & Andrew Landry. Download more music at: Follow Legrand on twitter: The video took four months to produce, and used the skills of 20 college students, enrolled in a unique class project on the Tokyo campus of Philadelphia-based Temple University (TUJ). Storyboard idea by Andrew Landry. Machinima Production: Aashis Ghimere and Candice Johnson. Postproduction by Katy Gates and Kenta Shibaraki. Legrand’s avatar design: Michio Ueda and Eric Edler. Japanese lyrics: Kanae Akasaka and Yu Okamura. Read more about the project here: The project was directed by JJ Aucouturier, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Temple University, Japan Campus. Work: Follow him on twitter At one point or another, the video features each of the following tools: Windows XP, Vista, OS X Snow Leopard, Ableton Live, Wordpad, Notepad, Firefox, Youtube, Twitter, Gmail, Second-Life, Skype, Google, VLC player and Camtasia Studio. We receive skype calls from Andre 3000, Legrand, but not from MJ, tweets from Kanye West, emails from YouTube, Andrew Landry, Michio Ueda and Ok Go – have you seen them all? (you may want to watch in HD) We thank the following YouTubers for the kind and playful contributions to the video (in order of appearance): DerReisendeGaijin


25 Responses to “Amazing one-shot hip hop music video”
  1. datdamonfoo says:

    I gave it a thumbs up for the copious PC use! Go PC!

  2. legrand4790 says:

    @LegrandInSL Yeah that is pretty funny, lol.

  3. sugey1122 says:

    LOVE THIS!!!! 🙂

  4. LegrandInSL says:

    [hidden gems] I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY TO U @legrand4790 AND UR FANS AND UR MOM!!!!!!………………….. See Kanye lose it on twitter at t=2m00

  5. LegrandInSL says:

    @serpentu Thanks!

  6. targhan666 says:

    A lot of effort for a mediocre song

  7. henrylin93 says:


  8. serpentu says:

    This might not be my type of music but credit where it’s due – it’s brilliant!
    good lyrics, good voice, well done and very creative 😀

  9. specialkrix says:

    this is totally effing awesome

  10. realnube says:

    @legrand4790 up in Stapelton ‘s audio rooms in the cut!

  11. maxmarchvideo says:

    Nice work, Legrand!

  12. Toonoisy says:

    Nice 😀

  13. LegrandInSL says:

    @sapphirelilies @angiemornington @amoration Yeah, thank you all. We’re glad you like it!!

  14. AngieMornington says:


  15. sapphirelilies says:

    Love the song!! Very cool vid.

  16. nufufu2 says:


  17. amoration says:

    Very well done! Like the music too 🙂

    ~In Kenzo inSL~

  18. jadaz90210 says:

    great job awesome song and Vid

  19. nituathaill says:

    Very cool! I love the ‘mini tutorial’ for those who were paying attention! ;-D

  20. darkslipknot6662007 says:

    to say that was done on the fly thats pretty awesome

  21. Bettinatizzy says:


  22. DangoDip says:

    haha thats so cool 😀

  23. LegrandInSL says:

    @t0mmy9 Thanks a lot for this!

  24. LegrandInSL says:

    @JustMiyabi thanks! Glad you like it!

  25. aucouturier1 says:

    @j24360 That’s also thanks to you Jay! Well done!

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