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A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

June 8, 2012 by · 25 Comments 

All eyes are on Pinterest, the social network that lets users collect and share images found on the Web by “pinning” them on virtual pinboards. The images span a variety of categories, from fashion, crafts, cooking, décor, fitness, and more. Users can follow the pinboards of friends and brands for inspiration and “repin” the images onto their own pinboards. Today, Pinterest is quickly becoming the fastest-growing social media site based on its huge popularity with women, as well as its unlimited potential as a marketing tool for businesses. “Pins” help companies promote their products, develop their brand personalities, drive tremendous referral traffic to their websites, and gain exposure among the Pinterest community. Now, MDG Advertising has produced an engaging video highlighting the facts, figures, and findings from its popular “Pin It To Win It” infographic. The video details the social site’s demographics, growth, and potential to drive abundant traffic to company websites. Pinterest is especially popular with the most highly coveted markets—about 60 percent are female and 80 percent are in the 25 to 54 age demographic. Plus, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. The video goes on to cover the brands, both large and small, on board the pinboard phenomenon, such as Whole Foods, Etsy, West Elm, and Real Simple. These companies reflect the cooking, décor, and crafts interests that are prevalent among the Pinterest


25 Responses to “A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest”
  1. tracedemeyer says:

    My brain is spinning with ideas! Thanks!

  2. B20puntocom says:

    Genial video, no se puede explicar mas sencillo

  3. FrancesJohns87 says:

    Hello! My name is Frances Johns, and I am contacting you on behalf of to let you know that your content has been featured in one of our blog posts! No action is required on your part, and you are welcome to stop by the post your work has been featured in and let us know what you think. I cannot post the URL of the post here, if you’re interested please contact me and I can pass it along. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  4. MDGadvertising says:

    Thanks kaakathy! What did you have in mind?

  5. kaakathy says:

    this is really great, can you make a video for other social networking websites as well?

  6. bichngoc12 says:

    Thank you a lot for your reply! Thumb up for Pinterest!

  7. MDGadvertising says:

    Thanks bichngoc12, glad to hear that! The video is custom images and animations created with a few different tools but the short answer is we put it all together in After Effects.

  8. bichngoc12 says:

    I really like this video! May I ask what software you used to create it?

  9. MDGadvertising says:

    Thanks stussyzzang!

  10. MDGadvertising says:

    And thank you kallemattilaable! That’s a great compliment for you to share it.

  11. MDGadvertising says:

    Thanks imalinxmexico, we’re pretty sure Pinterest will make its world tour.

  12. stussyzzang says:

    GOOD~! GREAT~!

  13. kallemattilaable says:

    Yet another brilliant video for all marketers, thank you! I posted this on the Careers in Marketing, Advertising and PR page on Facebook.

  14. biggypop1 says:

    Name of the song?

  15. mctoom says:

    dude. google “feel the journey audiojungle” and you’ll find it. “variety of sources” is just a way of saying “I will not tell you”

  16. imalinxmexico says:

    This is awesome. Great synthesis of the information. Hope to see the impact of pinterest in the rest of the world!

  17. MDGadvertising says:

    Hi neverfeather, we purchase and license our music from a variety of sources and artists.

  18. MDGadvertising says:

    Certainly not madaniso but it’s a fair question. Our infographics and video infographics are compilations of studies, reports and data from a variety of sources. The stats you’re referring to are from reports that only provided U.S. numbers, not worldwide. It was also relevant to compare it’s growth rate to other sites using similar reports.
    Hope that answers your question and glad to have our videos playing in France.

  19. neverfeather says:

    who did the music?

  20. MDGadvertising says:

    Thanks mtCommerce, very nice of you to say. That means a lot!

  21. MDGadvertising says:

    Thanks dannygreer, that’s great!

  22. MDGadvertising says:

    Thanks virgobsi

  23. madaniso says:

    0:56 The world is it just U.S.A ?
    A french citizen 🙂

  24. mcclainmoore says:

    Let’s keep the marketers guessing about who we are. They have enough info already. They are not our friends. They are our enemy. (whether they know it or not)

  25. mtCommerce says:

    This is a great video – love the motion infographic style. Entertaining and informative!

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