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5 Video Marketing Lessons [Creator’s Tip]

April 30, 2012 by · 12 Comments 

This week for our Creator’s Tip video we take a look at an example of someone else’s video marketing efforts and critique it a bit. We look at some lessons we can learn from it, things to replicate in our own video marketing initiatives, and things to avoid and do better in our own online video marketing. QUESTION: What video marketing lessons do you learn from this “Digital Death” video? ————————- BLOG POST: My written critique of “Digital Death” at VIDEO: Digital Death – What happens online when you die? ————————- SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE RSS FEED SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST! Creator’s Tip is a weekly show that helps online video producers with tips, tricks, advice, secrets, and suggestions for how to make their videos stand out on the web. LET’S CONNECT!


12 Responses to “5 Video Marketing Lessons [Creator’s Tip]”
  1. TavinsOrigami says:

    usefull info, indeed way too long video

  2. visualcontrast says:

    Tim, yes, let’s keeping looking at various videos with pro’s and con’s. Very helpful. 🙂

    – Joe

  3. largeview says:

    if my video gets more than 2 minutes I get uneasy, I’m taking too long or I need to break up the idea into idea(s)…good video. LIke the critique format as well…

  4. reelseo says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words…It’s a learning process for us all

  5. bluemooncv says:

    I know I’m a newbie to video editing so my comments will not be worth the same as the others here, but I thought the way you did that one was brilliant, it was totally engaging and really does let you know how you can add presentation into a video as well, stopping and pausing whilst getting us to go look at the other video, which was brilliant in itself… The other video totally engaging in morbid subject made such fun, you would never forget the advertiser.. You’ve been teaching me lots..

  6. maverickguy12 says:

    Hope your son is doing OK. Would love to see screencast tutorials about how to edit video, how you roll in your reelseo logo, where you get the old black and white clips, etc.

  7. searchenginefirm says:

    Definitely like the critique idea, it’s a great way to learn what to do and what to stay away from as well as get creative ideas. I loved the style of that video but also thought it was too long. Also thought some of the words weren’t up long enough. When doing typography type videos you have to take into consideration how long people have patience to read.

    Thanks Tim, keep it up!

  8. MelAclaro says:

    Lovin’ this format, Tim.  Keep up the great work! 🙂

  9. VideoLeadsOnline says:

    I like the critique ideas… plus I liked how you had us watch a video, then jump to watch another one and ‘come back’ when we were done. Cool idea, someday it will be more seamless (i.e. when you pause one video, you can play another one, then return without having to do much)… I guess that could have been done by us watching a Playlist of ‘3’ videos.

    Thanks Tim – where’s your hair? (I shed mine all over the house!)

  10. TheAustrianToast says:

    Hey Tim, can you post a bit more for the private users, because I think there aren’t that many companies watching your videos, mainly private users…

  11. poolboyinla says:

    I tried watching that video. It was boring so I couldn’t get through much of it.

  12. RayvenMichelle says:

    Oh yeah. These tips were SUPER helpful! I like the transition in the video when it says everyone will die. Hahaha. The sky turned dark and the music completely changed. I think a transition like that is a good strategy to use when you’re highlighting a solution to some problem.

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