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4G is Abused as a Marketing Term

March 28, 2012 by · 25 Comments – As smartphones have become more sophisticated, many of us have found that the 3G experience has proven satisfactory — but now we wonder if 4G is just hype or really worth the extra cost. Here, we try and examine whether or not 4G capability is worth the cost of purchasing a new smartphone. You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here: http


25 Responses to “4G is Abused as a Marketing Term”
  1. MrOpen3 says:

    i mean 40 down

  2. RancidScorpion says:

    what happened to your comment? i didnt get to see it? if you disagree its cool but i guess ill never know…

  3. ryanslayer says:

    From a marketing standpoint their two different things….you’ll see the phone companies use 4G and LTE and try to sell them differently….4G is their way of selling 3.5G (HSPA+) and LTE is REAL 4G. i should’ve worded myself better it was late LOL XD

  4. CooCurrent says:

    I was HMV the other day (in the UK) and the people there had made an advertisement for the iPad 3. For a start it was horribly formatted. Someone had just typed it up on the computer and printed it, sticking pages together. I wouldn’t mind, but there was grammatical and spelling mistakes 🙂

    It annoyed me as they wrote something along the lines of, “with the latest and greatest 4g tech”, which is irrelevant in the UK! So it is misleading. Considering the advert was obviously made in the store!

  5. Alexislevescot says:

    I have an Galaxy s2 lte hd and im thinking of replacing my broadband at home with it. I get 60 down sometimes. What do you think locker gnome?

  6. ableite says:

    My country’s carriers only use a 1Mb as top speed. So, 3g, 4g, 5g, all the same.

  7. CrewRite says:

    speedtest*.net will tell you da speed.

    4g is capable of 100mbps (megabits per second).
    3g is capable of 3mbps.
    Computer is normally capable of 100mbps to 1gbps (gigabit per second).

    Service provider dictates the speed.

    1000kbps (kilobits per second) = 1mbps
    1000mbps = 1gbps

  8. CrewRite says:

    Yep, its all marketing.

    HardDrives 6.9% less space after partition. OS (operating system) install space taken varies from OS to OS, except where the OS is built-in like iPod.

    Camcorder HD, not really HD compared to Prosumer cams. (read and understand the specs)

    Natural and Organic , have no regulation.

  9. seangworld says:

    i dont know about ya’ll, but i was just educated. thanks, chris.


    Not just talking about an specific network. Pay attention he used AT&T as an example but really happens on all networks in the US.
    Former Verizon and AT&T User.


    @ShannonAlcorn Uh! Not just talking about an specific network. Pay attention he used AT&T as an example but really happens on all networks in the US.

    Former Verizon and AT&T User.

  12. MultimediaJay says:

    Hmmm…. Maybe it’s time to Dump The Big Blue Death Star? 😉

  13. thetreverpitts says:

    ATT SUCKS GET VERIZON AND Yeah AT&T thinks there HSPA+ is not 4 g Verizon’s 4G is real 4 g

  14. turtledrum13 says:

    4g on Verizon is real. And it’s fast.

  15. TheCyberMars says:

    Where are the jailbreakers? I like Lockergnome and I watch frequently but apple capped the data rates and it’s in the file system. Simply put smarter programmers can uncap this restriction and have your 3G run just as fast as LTE. stop excluding other programmers and screw the Gnomies! I’ve watched that screen in the background and it’s just a rip off chatroom. You want me to pay for crappy Gnomie service so I can post a bunch of LOL’s and Chris is fun comments. Start opening your eyes to the r

  16. segamanxero says:

    @WhatTheChannelMan I can’t technically turn the 4G off… I save battery by going into airplane mode. Or some combo of Airplane mode with WiFi or WiFi with 4G (I get better battery with WiFi on surprisingly). I know there is a debug menu where I can turn it off, but I don’t feel like doing something that crazy…

  17. burgersnchips says:

    @BarricadeSlade No, it’s 3.9G because the people that set that standard set it higher than LTE can go. That’s how it is, and yet the networks use 4G as a marketing ploy.

    Wi-Max isn’t all that fail – it is used in other countries. It is also called 4G in those countries by networks even though it’s speeds don’t come up to standard (hence the need for a Wi-Max 2).

    Lets face it – the term “4G” is meaningless anyway if it’s just to hype up a phone.

  18. AstralCreation says:

    4g means you have the ability to be faster

  19. tobindarren says:

    Best Video in a while 

  20. BarricadeSlade says:

    @burgersnchips You’re not gonna seriously tell me that the 67mbps down/30mbps up speeds I see on my LTE Galaxy Nexus aren’t “4G” Bull. Shit. That’s 4G. HSPA+ isn’t and nor isFAiLMAX

  21. stafax says:

    1st world problems

  22. ShannonAlcorn says:

    Lol Chris when you go off on a rage it’s funny. Yeah AT&T thinks there HSPA+ is 4G but Verizon’s 4G is real speed. AT&T has a long way to go network wise.

  23. coolunusual says:

    HSPA+ isnt 4G att, get your facts straight

  24. TheIapplegeek says:

    Australia has the fastest 3G, 3.5g, 3.9g and 4g networks

  25. hamateurradio says:

    @MattJamesAwad remember, he’s an english techer

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