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20 Reel Video Marketing Questions Answered – Hangout on Air 8/23/2012

August 28, 2012 by · 24 Comments 

Video Marketing Questions & Answers – ▼ EXPAND THIS DESCRIPTION ▼ So, We held our first Google+ Hangout-on-Air today (08/23/2012) to spend some time answering video marketing questions from those that attended the event. While we had some technical difficulties, overall, it was a fun learning experience and we hope that you can join us for our next hangout (TBD). To stay informed of future hangouts and other ReelSEO events, subscribe to us here on YouTube ( as well as circle and follow us on Google+ ( Facebook ( and of course, on our website @ JUMP to each question using the blue links below▼ Question #1) 06 How many different types of YouTube accounts and channels are there (Partners, Brands, Free, Others) and in particular, are there different levels of brand channels? Question #2) 08:20 When do custom thumbnails get rolled out for all monetized youtube users? Question #3) 12:05 Since I have 2 channels, is there a way to organize my channels into a network or will I have to keep my content separate? Question #4) 15:05 If I add my video shows to playlists, can viewers subscribe to individual playlists? Question #5) 17:20 Is there a way to post a video without a notification going out to all your subscribers? Question #6) 20:10 Should I kick off my new channel with my best tutorials or should I build an audience before I post my best stuff? Question #7) 22:47 Does your upload location matter and how do you draw in


24 Responses to “20 Reel Video Marketing Questions Answered – Hangout on Air 8/23/2012”
  1. crackitseo says:

    Get everything you need for your journey from startup to successful ➟

  2. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Awesome content! Thanks so much. I also appreciate the annotations in the description for each question.
    I would like to see more videos like this. 🙂

  3. AfroTales says:

    Excellent content.Answered so many of my questions.Thanks for doing this.

  4. USBpowerify says:

    Can you still use this link to apply for partnership ? youtube(dot)com/partners/contact_info

  5. USBpowerify says:

    @reelseo I just noticed I can do custom thumbnails , but I am not partnered . I love it but what’s up?

  6. 1947froggy says:

    See what I mean.


  7. TheBMANEntertainment says:

    dang I missed this

  8. DIYCameraGuy says:

    Great show. Thanks for answering all of my questions. I noticed that you didn’t have many questions so I through them in hoping to kick some more off.

    Thanks again

  9. reelseo says:

    Howz that? ;-) Put a ton in the description…

  10. 1947froggy says:

    If I have a technical question on how something works, why is there no “traditional” forum where you post a question & get answers from either a) people who already figured it out, or b) tech support from google/YT.

    It’s VERY inefficient to just search to try and find anything on your question.


  11. Urgo6667 says:

    it’s from a 3rd party plugin called hangouts lower third (or something like that)

  12. H4BITAT says:

    wish i could have been there (in the military on duty). i had a question about channel views and subs. i get 5-10 times the amount of views i have subs (does not seem to be a bad thing) but i only get mabye 1-5 subs per vid (i currently have 134 subs and averaging around 400-500 views) how can i change those views into more subs i guess is the question. and no i am not getting a ton of hate or dislikes, the vids seem well recieved.

  13. born2model3d says:


  14. PogieJoe says:

    I now the live show’s over, but just a quick question: How did you get the graphics under your faces during the Hangout? Do your webcams supply the option? Google+?

  15. reelseo says:

    haha… I know. I know..

  16. born2model3d says:

    Still no description!!! WTH Mark. LOL

  17. reelseo says:

    We’ll do it a bit differently next time so that everyone can join in much easier, but it was our first hangout, so…. Anyway, thanks. We’d love to have you next time.

  18. PogieJoe says:

    I love the way you guys set this up! I hope I can join in next time!

  19. Viditude says:


  20. GiangolaInsurance says:

    Great stuff guys, very informative. I would love to see more quality hangouts.

  21. Viditude says:

    you need a womans touch? LOL

  22. Viditude says:


  23. theFNDCdotcom says:

    I just noticed that you can edit the captions on the page last night.

  24. Viditude says:

    YT does … but their full transcript doesn’t capture my voice AT ALL

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